It Is Not MFAT's Job To Get You Home

I despair and I thought I would have to at some point write this post.

The sob stories of kiddies and “intrepid travellers” "stuck" in far flung places on their OE's are flowing thick and fast.

To any long-time New Zealand expat we know the extent that MFAT can help you.  They really cannot.  If you contact them they'll arrange a lawyer that you can google anyway, if you are in hospital possibly come and make sure you are not dead then call Mummy and Daddy, get you in touch with Mummy and Daddy so they can Western Union you some money, and possibly provide you shelter if you are stuck in a place where a civil war breaks out.  Their basic advice is where they do not have an Embassy and you can leave in a bad situation, pay the fee and get the f** out.

Any other situation than a sudden civil war with your life in danger - you are on your own and do what local authorities tell you under their rule of law. Every country around the world currently has its own version of a lockdown  Get your credit card out that got you overseas in the first place and shut the f*** up.  If you do not have funds start a crowdfunding page or again - ask friends to send to you.  The golden rule is that cash is king and will get you out of most situations.

So when I start to see stories like this coming through even I hold my head in hands and have to say HTFU "harden the f*** up".    I assume all these people do not have health insurance either because they lack complete personal responsibilty to get out or not go into such a foreign place to them at a time so critical as March was.

I am no fan of Jacinda Ardern or Winston Peters (Covid cough I cannot stand him) but it is not Uncle Winston's job nor is it in his brief to get you home.

They should have closed the New Zealand borders to all returning flights, even New Zealand citizens during this one month experimental period of losing their collective minds.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade says it's helping 24,000 Kiwis stuck overseas, including around 70 in Peru - the largest consular response the New Zealand government has ever undertaken.
They may be currently in other words - quite busy.  Many are quite busy fleeing their posts given the last email I was sent on the ironically named "Safetravel" list!

None of these people in news articles have their lives or safety in imminent danger, they are just a bit broken ass and stuck feeling uncomfortable away from friends and whanau.  Guess what? You’ll get home and not be able to see them for weeks anyway! So far thankfully none of us overseas have had our lives in imminent danger from Covid-19 related causes so really MFAT should just leave us where we are and issue an edict saying so.  These people are in Peru at a time when it is not the best to be in a country you are not familiar with the people or its language and you have no contacts or friends to help you. 

Then I read this and my head goes back in my hands:
But a lack of clear communication has many feeling forgotten.
"It feels like we're sort of out of sight, out of mind at the moment," Courtney-Tennent says.
"I understand they've got bigger things on their plate but we're Kiwis too and we want to join the fight against COVID at home."
"Join the fight against COVID at home"? Seriously? You are a f’ing school teacher.  You are not an essential service, a doctor or a nurse or first responder.  Your job would be to sit on the couch for a month and eat Tim Tams.  Despite the Coronavirus Coalition pretending through their Comms people that you are some hero on some sort of TEAM to get the nation to buy in to this bullshit crashing the NZ economy right now to save people at the cost of almost $2m a predicted life lost, you are not.  You are not that important.

The problem is you aim to fly home in the middle of the Coronavirus Coalition's medical, social and economic experiment so you are not helping at all. New Zealanders are currently losing or about to lose their livelihoods in an involuntary experiment whereby arrivals are not even compulsorily quarantined and you are a wee bit uncomfy where you are, so are on the bludge for Uncle Winston to get you back?  Come on.

Have a read of my post of the other day.

Here is an important link for you to go to.  It is a small reasonably well-known service called Airbnb.  Peru has reasonably cheap accomodation available for monthly stays.  Probably cheaper than continuing your OE and definitely cheaper than Auckland rents.

When you enter countries on an OE you are meant to have enough cash to be able to live and then get yourself home for an entire year. Scomo has already enforced that and told kiddies on OE's not so politely to bugger off.  Jacinda Ardern will not do this so it will be left to Winston Peters to man up and kick out all the bludgers and he will do this very shortly.  Winston is not known for his internal diplomacy and these sort of articles are pushing it.

It is the one time that every country can see how foolish this scheme is as kiddies on OE's pleading poverty are actually breaking their terms of applying for the schemes in the first place.  They are meant to have funds to get in and out and live for the time they are there.  In other words - no broken asses.
"It's gutting actually, the first time in my life I haven't liked being a Kiwi," Leonie Syke says.
Great. Then stay in Peru and look at their standard of living for a while and watch people fight over food.  These are fighting words Leonie to most New Zealanders.  Unless your life is in danger stay where you are and shut up and think of all the New Zealanders currently facing the dole queue or having their business' ruined because of incoming Covid cases caused by people like you travelling.

As for those “xenophobia” right now no one in the world including third world countries likes broken ass white or tanned tourists in their country.  

They have bigger things to worry about. Like paying next months grocery bill.

As does Uncle Winston.

Pay up, stay put and follow the instructions of the government where you are. New Zealand does not currently want you and it has given itself more than a reason not to after this.


  1. 'They' are very much in love with all of this dictatorial control they been able to get over us by use of a bullying Police Commissioner who seems to make his own rules for us. As for no border quarantine 'they' want continuing infections from the original sources to keep this charade that 'they' all love so much to keep going.


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