New Zealand Has Already Eliminated Covid-19 According to WHO Guidelines

Today Jacinda Ardern's PR people got very cute with semantics via her puppetmaster speechwriter and came up with this piece of prose:

In short, the effort of our team of 5 million has broken the chain of transmission and taken a quantum leap forward in our goal to eliminate the virus.
Elimination doesn't mean zero cases, it means zero tolerance for cases. It means when a case emerges, and it will, we test, we contact trace, we isolate, and we do that every single time with the ambition that when we see COVID-19, we eliminate it. That is how we will keep our transmission rate under 1, and it is how we will keep succeeding.

Only it does not mean a vibe "zero tolerance" .  WHO has a definition best explained in their own e-learning material here

New Zealand cannot eradicate Covid-19 because it does not control the world, smallpox is the only disease that has been successfully eradicated according to WHO.  New Zealand can by closing its borders and employing the other draconian measures it has, eliminate Covid-19 if it is successful with its "reductions to zero (or a very low defined target rate) of new cases in a defined geographical area".

It was not a difficult task given the country has a bloody large moat around it once the drawbridge was pulled up and the citizens like sheeple were happy to ruin livelihoods and liberty and be put on the strictest of home detention for a month.  Pleading for an extension, may people seem even happier to leave Grandpa on his own this Anzac Day to commemorate that as well.

Today New Zealand hit 9 cases all related to others.  If that is not "a very low defined target rate I don't know what is.  So what is it? What target?  What is "zero tolerance"?  

There is no new spread of Covid-19 and it is all contained.  How do we know? Well the doom merchant Grim Reaper Ashley Bloomfield said so. 

In the last few days, we expanded testing to include random testing in Queenstown, the Waikato, Canterbury and Auckland. We have tested over a thousand people this way and so far have produced not a single positive result.
The Director General of Health is confident that there is currently no widespread undetected community transmission in New Zealand.
 New Zealand has by WHO guidelines already eliminated Covid-19.

Going back to its own material produced at a level 2 there has to be a risk of community transmission.  Bloomfield says there is none.

Even at level 3 

Bloomfield specifically has said there is no community transmission.  He didn't say there "might" be community transmisson.  He delivered an assurance that has been as confident as he gets from his monotone.

Tell me why New Zealand is not already at level 1 in the elimination strategy?

So what are Ardern's targets to say New Zealand has "eliminated" Covid-19?  WHO says it requires "continued measures to prevent re-establishment of disease transmission", so in other words - in a month officials have failed to get this ready?  They have found every excuse possible to keep you where you are.  The Minister of Health we know has been cycling and carting his family around down at home while Rome burns so it was not surprising it has taken to week four for hapless officials to come up with the amazing idea of randomly testing people in supermarket carparks in areas with community transmission!

Then they have an argument so powerful they do not have to discuss it.

And if elimination does not actually mean zero cases of Covid-19, are all those afraid now to get off their ass and go outside into society and back to work  "mentally vulnerable people" going to take the  infinitesimal chance they still can get Covid-19?  Will the Unionised teachers go back to work with 1-2 cases around?  3-4 cases?  Ardern couldn't even get her own teacher unions back to work under a level 3 and had to re-write that quick smart.

The hypochondriacs out there created by this hysteria will not go back outside.  They will be afraid to go out anyway until they get vaccinated and no one can guarantee when that will be.

Which takes us back to this beauty circulating currently from The Wokeject that encapsulates a picture telling a thousands words in the best possible way.

I just can't work out whether the the screen graphics genius performed this industry troll of the year at the Minister of Health or more likely Ali Mau. Stuff website having placed a begging bowl out today as she apparently draws an extraordinary fee for doing not a lot.


  1. Well I for one am sick of the Koolaid. I've had enough and now will not wear the N95 masks that we have nor the gloves that we have. It's great that every dictionary needs rewriting as to what 'eliminate' now has been redefined as. But enough is enough. At least three more weeks of house arrest, three more weeks of police state, three more weeks of nanny state making things up on the fly. I'm done.

    Apparently more farmers have taken their lives than old folks have died from the virus - where is that being told in the media? How many people will take their lives over the next few years as this economic depression moves through? Those deaths should all be attributed to this virus, as the cure caused them. Lay them at the feet of this government, celebrate those deaths in the history books - I dare ya.

    As for life getting back to normal.....I laugh, I weep. It takes about four weeks to change a habit, and we've been forced to have seven at least, because who knows when House Arrest Level 3 will end.

    1. Why would farmers take their lives due to the lockdown? Its BAU for farmers- apart from the ongoing drought but I suppose you'd like to blame that on the DG & PM too?

    2. BAU for farmers - are you kidding me? Look to the drought that is virtually NZ wide, look at the kill sheets and the collapsing prices for lamb, beef, etc., then look at the lack of feed available throughout NZ to feed animals whilst waiting up to a month or more for kill space in abattoirs (throughout NZ) that are now on a much reduced capacity due to the 2m rule. Abattoirs didn't have the kill space beforehand due to farmers unloading stock all at once, the virus has exacerbated that timeline, though I do see they're going to try to ramp up the kill during Level 3. Ask yourself why carcasses are being stockpiled - because no exporter can find a buyer overseas - hence collapsing sale prices. I see the milk price this morning is at a 16 month low.

      Now look at the debt loadings that a portion of farmers have. Ask yourself how you would be feeling in your business if you couldn't unload stock for a month or more, couldn't feed stock from your drought ravaged pastures or in bought in feed, saw the prices collapsing for what you could eventually sell them for, saw the feed prices increasing because everyone throughout NZ is trying to buy feed for their animals, see the impact of what drought has done to your fields (even recently planted cover crops due to predicted rain not appearing)....yeah, you to would be depressed enough to end it all.

      Sorry, but I'm not going to waste my time feeling anything for a bunch of oldies that had reduced life expectancy anyway due to underlying health issues. I see that the majority of the Rosewood elderly that were taken to hospital have DNR on them, placed by the family I might add. The common cold will take them off and so the numbers might as well be added to now rather than later.

    3. "Ask yourself how you would be feeling in your business" - plenty of that going on right now out there in every industry. Farmers are in relatively a better position than most as there is no way the banks (or Cindy) will let them go under in large numbers right now given those debt loadings as at least they have an asset to back up the loan being the land, but yes all is not perfect and the media has created an illusion they will "save us". Quite what from other than hunger, one doesn't know. Plenty of farms are well capitalised and inter-generational, the new farmers will struggle but they always have for decades getting equity positions strengthened (as does every small to medium business).

      And don't worry about the Greenazis they will be back tell you how much you are polluting and need to pay for that as soon as Greta Thunberg recovers from her imaginary Covid symptoms!

      All I see now Kirsty is consumers whinging why NZ meat isn't dirt cheap in the supermarkets and butchers as Ne Zealanders now feel they have a god given right not to pay world market rates and you should all sell it to them because we are all local. I think you have explained the answer above.


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