Rigged Research - False Flag Operations For The Coronavirus Coalition

Astute persons may have picked up this "news" story online currently.

It is direct from the Coalition government  media enablers Radio New Zealand and screams clickbait.

Research New Zealand has been taking the pulse of the nation since the lockdown began.
Tell me this is not a false flag operation.  Please.

Who is paying them to do this?  Or are they conducting a totally non-essential service at a time they should not be?  What was the sample size?  And from what region? At what time of the day?

Kalafatelis said people were asked if they would be willing to remain in lockdown for at least another two weeks beyond 22 April when it is due to finish.
Sixty percent agreed they would, 14 percent disagreed, and 26 percent didn't know. He said 60 percent showed a high level of support.

26 percent did not know?  You have been sitting on your collective asses now for two weeks or working as an "essential worker" slaving your guts out and you do not know?  You have had 24/7 to think ONLY of this issue.  There is no sport and no other news.  "Too dumb to breathe" should be engraved on your headstone right now.

Oh yes you are possibly a public sector worker on full pay at home cruising through life.  Yes that would be most of the 60 per cent saying "yes" accounted for, and the 14 per cent disagreeing? Yes that must be non-essential business owners and employees in fear of their actual futures.

So who is behind this fake news "research" - an outfit called "Research New Zealand".

They claim they have "a broad base of very important clients, most of who operate in the public sector".

Right - so broadly across just the public sector then......agh uhhh.  Astonishing.  A Wellington based public sector reliant company with their heads, bums and elbows in the great taxpayer trough with all their mates.

Looking at their work they run research and polling for public sector groups until they give polling outcomes those groups want to have so then they can hand stories to compliant leftie media.

I am not even going to start on the individuals behind the company as it is pretty apparent this is a paid-for false flag poll done paid or favour based, for Jacinda Ardern to keep her brand in tact.  

The results published today and disseminated only really through Red Radio, Radio New Zealand are meant to seed into the community the lockdown may go another two weeks.  

Depending on your outrage then it either will or will not.

If New Zealand is stuck one day extra in a lockdown you only have yourselves to blame then for not making enough noise.


  1. These surveys piss me off. Why dont ask the relevant questions.
    Would you like the Lockdown for another two weeks and permantly lose your job/business.
    Would you like the lockdown to finish on due date a comprehensive exit strategy introduced

    As you say. Questions to give a predictable outcome.
    For Kids
    1. Would you like free icecream for a week.......yes/no
    2. Would you like free icecream for a week and you do dishes every day, make your bed every day, clean your room, take out the garbage etc etc

    1. Would you like Free icecream

  2. Propaganda at its most blatant to coverup a deceitful Gov't which allowed the covid-19 virus to come into New Zealand unchecked all because Ardern wanted the March 15 hugfest to proceed.

    1. I don't think they were deceitful back then (as opposed to now). Just very hypocritical as on one hand they wanted everyone else to shut down their activities but the memorial to proceed which was the very opposite of their goals elsewhere.


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