Nothing Says How Stupid Lockdowns Are More Than This Diagram

Oh dear peak mental.

From the UK "experts".

'You could have routes of travel so people go round one way to the barbecue,' she said.
'I think you could make it quite good fun, almost like an obstacle course or game.

Oh for heavens sake, this is NOT a game, Covid-19 hysteria has born a new form of mental illness. Coronaphobia.

Meanwhile in America black and white liberals from Hollywood who previously told us from their mansions that Covid-19 is the most dangerous virus of our lifetimes, are egging on a community of black and ethnic minorities to leave their homes, riot and loot up their own neighbourhoods. 

While I am sure they stay in their multi-million dollar mansions and have massive pool parties and unsocially distanced BBQ's.

When will this madness end?


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