Are You All Now Punished By The PM For The Black Lives Matter Protest?

Jacinda Ardern was looking for an excuse to extend level 2.  Over the weekend with the Black Lives Matter Protests around the country she got it and your Police did nothing.

Maori rangatahi show us how fearful they are of dying at a rate of the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic 

Instead after day 11 of zero new cases and only one active case (that is questionable anyway), announcing that there would be a no restriction level 1, she has delayed the decision to next Monday's cabinet meeting which would then extend it another two days at the very least that level 1 can occur so June 10th.

This of course gives 10 days for a case to show up from the cluster now that can be tagged the Black Lives Matter Cluster and extend level 2 longer.

Matt King is the only National Party MP calling it hard like he sees it.  Bullshit.  Todd Muller may claim the rules are confusing, but so is his limp dick response.  David Seymour is the one Opposition leader actually providing some opposition.  Muller's total non-response follows:

Muller himself would not say when New Zealand should come out of alert level 2.
"Ultimately, that is the advice that has to be discerned by the Cabinet," he said.
"They are looking at the health perspective, which is, of course, critical but also the social and economic perspectives which are increasingly critical – thirty seven and a half thousand jobs lost in a month.

Is he trying to not have a strong opinion on anything?

Ashley Bloomfield was out breaching level 2 rules enjoying his newly found celebrity.  David Fisher couldn't help himself.
Bloomfield has also coughed to being in a photograph with strangers but says it was only for a moment.
I hope there was no coughing.

It is time for New Zealand businesses to just ignore all the rules because they are the only schmucks following the level 2 rules, everyone else is ignoring them from the Prime Minister down.

You cannot follow level 2 rules and give yourself an exemption "only for a moment".  You cannot have social distancing rules and then give yourself and exemption because your worshippers want hugs and selfies.

The only reason you are all still at level 2 with businesses bleeding cash and your rights still under the hammer is the Prime Minister has found yet another reason to delay and hold off.

Now advice is given the Black Lives Matter protesters do NOT have to isolate for 14 days! Well if they do not have to then why the hell are all the other restrictions on business and social distancing still in place?

Thanks the New Zealand organisers of Black Lives Matter for another almost 2 weeks of Noones Lives Mattering.  There can be no other reason for the Prime Minister delaying yet again.


  1. Yeah, well she is definitely out of her depth and it shows, plus when you lie big you have to continue with it. She doesn't have the balls to say "oopps, our bad we've just fucked up big time with our response" - nope, she'll do like any politician and double-down on the lie justifying it by saying "be kind" and "we're in this together". Being complicit means we are all equally responsible for the economic carnage taking place. At least the Americans are using their 1 in 4 unemployed (25%+ and climbing unemployment rate occurring over a matter of weeks - ouch) and a person's death as an excuse to show their displeasure at their govt's actions.

    But I love this from the German govt....they and the media are now so busy "shooting the messenger', the govt whistle-blower, that they're ignoring what their own report states - that their response to Covid19 was overblown and will cause more deaths than those who actually died from it. Plus, remember that a lot of deaths attributed to Covid19 (worldwide) are based purely on symptoms not on actual autopsies or tests (which aren't accurate anyway).

  2. This Gov't is nothing more than a gang. They function on mob mentality which is why they are so sympathetic to anything a gang or a mob does. However this is the way people want to be governed apparently these days.

  3. Most of the population of NZ is apparently suffering a severe case of Stockholm Syndrome. It has been terrified into submission. I well remember the horrendous Muldoon era when little old ladies thought he was wonderful because he made them feel safe, like daddy.....just be a good girl, do as you are told and I'll look after you. Seems to be the same situation with Jacinda. She was desperate to keep this complete bollocks going as long as she could purely for election purposes. I hope it backfires badly on her.


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