Muller's Great Chance To Ditch The Diversity Dichotomy

There are calls from people who will never vote National in their lives for Todd Muller to reshuffle his caucus based on identifiers like race and gender.   What better chance for National and Todd Muller to stand up to the foolish woke political correctness sweeping the world, than to tell journalists:
"I do not and will not promote in my caucus based on gender or race".   
Follow this by doubling down and NOT APOLOGISING FOR IT.

There you go.  Easy......and among National's core voter. Happy days.

National has a long and difficult winding road with diversity.  Let me show you the ways.  Diversity Disasters.

1. Winston Peters.  Maori

Never in my lifetime has there been a better example of a disaster in National than in 1979 promoting Winston Peters to a candidacy.  Targeted as the first Maori PM as he wooed the blue rinse brigade, the issue was he started to believe it possible, then has ended up many times in history having a better job than the PM as "kingmaker".  End of story there.

2. Marilyn Waring. Female, lesbian

Never in my lifetime did any one individual belong less in a National rosette than Waring.  Ended in tears but without Waring we may never have had Rogernomics so bless, the largest tears were Muldoon's.

More recent examples.

3. Jami-Lee Ross. Maori, disadvantaged background 

Less said about that disaster there the better. 

4. Pansy Wong. Chinese, Female

No comment needed.

5. Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi. Indian

Survived an Indian job scam immigration investigation to years later comparing international students to faulty fridges. In describing Indian scam students.

6. Hekia Parata. Maori, Female

Bryce Edwards once famously attacked her in saying that she only kept her job as she was a "relatively attractive woman".  Edwards, a white woke male kept his job after that effort.  He then went on "she will be "[rolled] out for the speeches, the photo opportunities et cetera, but I think people will see through it and see it as some kind of positive discrimination by the Prime Minister"".

7. Tau Henare. Maori, Unionist

One of the weirdest match ups in history, Tau took the opportunity to be the diversity candidate from 2005-14 then was dumped due to low list ranking after a failed attempt to be Speaker.  National true to form didn't look after their retiring MP and Tau is now found online in between celebrating Liverpool winning the EPL and the Warriors sucking, telling everyone listening what a bunch of pricks the National Party are.  His saving grace is that he seems to do it to everyone else.

8. Paul Quinn. Maori

More deserving of the tag "fucking useless" than poor Maureen Pugh.  Served one term then much to Labour (especially Trevor Mallard's) dismay, quit.

9. Paul Foster-Bell. Maori, gay

While I rate Foster-Bell as the only National MP I have ever consumed champagne with who had the etiquette to go get fresh glasses between bottles, this came with the downside that I always suspected it was too good to be true that a heterosexual man had this level of ability.  He was accused by staff of being a bully.  Based on the fastidious nature of his drinking etiquette this probably meant he just had standards that none of them met.  Foster-Bell was caught in a very nasty episode with a bitch of a media correspondent who basically forced him to out himself, ending any chance of going back into the diplomatic core in the Middle East.

10. Claudette Hauiti - Maori, lesbian, Labour Party Campaigner, Woman

What the fuck were National thinking? Seriously?

Here is the thing about "diversity".  The only beneficiary of falling into the diversity dichotomy is your opposition.  When you make a diversity hire you are giving the opposition weakness to bash.  And bash they will.

Shane Reti is the latest the left are pleading to be promoted higher. Why? Because they are about to give him a welcoming bash that is why.  They obviously have something on him.

Poor Alfred Ngaro has had it in the past.  They have all but called Jian Yang a Commie Spy. Melissa Lee got hazed brutally by the left.   Simon Bridges, Paula Bennett also have been attacked by media and opponents as not being "Maori" enough.  Bennett of any National MP since Jenny Shipley has been brutally attacked by the left for her diverse background.

In an effort to be more diverse, your opponents then attempt to play divide and conquer with it.  Bennett suffered nasty abuse because they viewed her as someone who should not be in National.

Contrary to the media wailing about diversity again, Jo Hayes didn't win the Palmerston North electorate nomination for National not because she is a Maori but because after running in Dunedin, then Christchurch she helicoptered herself into an electorate and was too lazy to secure the votes and was out-campaigned by a 17 year old white kid.  Harete Hipango by contrast, focused right the first time and became the first Maori to be selected by National to contest Whanganui beating a collection of local white males, even a farmer.  Agnes Loheni didn't win her selection against Rima Nakhle.  Nakhle won simply because she is a better political operator.  If you are on a list as a "diversity" hire without a safe seat you are vulnerable come election not to be there the next time.  The key is to campaign and win a seat and stay there.  If you want a seat, get people to sign up as members, campaign and win the bloody selection. That is how it works in the National Party. Dan Bidois is another who knows this.  He will soon enough be seen as a threat and picked out by the opposition for not being Maori enough.

I do not care if National has a white, male or upwardly mobile candidate list.  I do not care much if they have Maori or female leadership as long as I was confident they could deliver the policy outcomes from the messaging.

Guess what, unlike the panty-waisters criticising Muller and National, I am their core voter.  I will never in my life vote outside National or ACT strategically.

Just like the Maori Party do not have to appeal to people like myself, they did at one point join with National in a coalition which then was the perfect diversity tick.  Politics is about getting votes from people who like what you are saying and who you are when you say it.  There is plenty of diversity in New Zealand politics when it is added together.

I want National to win and Todd Muller to be PM right now more than members of that caucus.   

Those individuals should be frogmarched out of the caucus and sat back on their leaky loud asses right now and promptly demoted.

National are not trying to attract (I hope) people to vote for them who are stupid enough to believe that having a gender or an ethnicity makes you capable of being an MP.  If ethnic communities want representation in National, make them earn it by providing a superior quality of candidate.

It is time for National to return to its core constituency.  They do not have a choice.  


  1. If only they would take your advice. Regretfully in a desperate attempt to appeal to the "middle" they long ago sold their spine and at least half of their soul.
    That very idea of appealing to the middle is frightening in the first place, the middle is the average or not good but not bad, mediocre at best. Point to another area of life where people actively say they are aspiring to be mediocre or average. How about you set up a sound set of principals and then try and persuade through word and deed that these are in fact the better of the options.
    I don't want mediocre for my country.

  2. Jian Yang, the invisible man eh, elected as one of 'our' representatives and won't even talk to (english speaking) NZ media, only his united front mates and CCP aligned media.

    There is a reason he is called a 'Commie Spy'...because he is

    Lied about his CCP connections when applying for residency and citizenship and is now open about it:

    At least the Aussies are making some attempts (however token) to counter the corruption and takeover of their politics by the CCP

    Unlike our blue team who seem only too happy to lube up and bend over for 20 pieces of silver from the Mongolian horsebreeders

    1. Every business person who has made any cash, academic and even selected students are Commie spies. You don't think the CCP doesn't watch its own people who have had any connection in those areas all around the world and even if they have left China they will never leave China.

      How many interviews has Nanaia Mahuta given in her 25 years of being an MP many as a Minister! She doesn't because she is crap at it.


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