Why Isn't NZ Creating A Travel Bubble With China First Instead of Australia?

Australia still has Covid-19.  Well parts of Australia do, all the parts New Zealanders would ever wish to travel - Sydney, Melbourne and Queensland (they do not really but they won't even let in other Australians for the foreseeable future).

As I discussed the other day, Mainland China per head of population and even recent raw numbers, has less Covid-19 than Australia.

- They are New Zealand's largest trading partner.
- We have a Free Trade Agreement with them and special status.
- They are New Zealand's second largest spending tourist market and added to Australia, the largest market, could instantly almost save it along with large sections of hospitality.
- They have already gone through Covid-19, having "first mover advantage".

It should be very easy to travel bubble with China.

So why is New Zealand not?


a) you believe their statistics and Covid-19 has gone from China, or 
b) you do not and they are the last people you wish to bubble with (being a country where there is no need for visitors travelling from to quarantine for 14 days).

So what is it Winston Peters and Jacinda Ardern?

Do you trust the Chinese or do you not?

The Chinese Ambassador and Beijing should be pushing this. Why no bubble?

Why stuff around with just Australia, and why is New Zealand not open for quarantine free bubble travel with the Chinese and make New Zealand's recovery quicker than it will be?

New Zealand businesses relying on Chinese travelling to New Zealand are dying, statistically for no apparent reason. Ardern and Peters are picking winners in New Zealand based on their prejudices towards the Mainland.

Even as it stands they’re taking so long bubbling with even Australia, a vaccine is more likely to be found before anything is up and running. New Zealand is dragging its feet entirely taking any advantage of being “Covid-free”. Ardern is like any Socialist, far too busy celebrating it to profit from it. Travel bubbles are becoming the new “Lovemark” diplomatically of trust and relationship. 

What makes Australia ok, same numbers and China better numbers, not ok?

We all suspect the answer of course - China's numbers are as trustworthy as a Winston Peters pre-election promise. More crucially Jacinda Ardern would have polls and knows bubbling with China will send a nervous 3/4 pant polar fleece wearing and frumpy Mumsy clubs across the nation into hysteria and her popularity plummeting.

She is pumping for New Zealand to think outside the box and be agile, have fresh ideas and think in another way? What better way than to do that than declare Covid-free status then bubble with Mainland China who have all but statistically eliminated it from their nation of a billion?

But what value to New Zealand's relationship with China it would be and what "face" given to them, to be a true world leader?

The first Covid-free Western country in the world to trust them enough to travel bubble with them!


  1. What a crap idea. Chinese figures cannot be trusted. They encouraged the spread of coronavirus worldwide. Time to reduce our dependence asap.

  2. The Chinese (CCP) closed their own country but let 4443 from Wuhan go to USA a month and 40,000 Chinese go to the world a month Jan-Feb, whilst they were lying about human2Human and No asymptomatic sickness.
    Why would anyone ever believe the Chinese (CCP) again? Mike

    1. How is it that apparently none of the Jan/Feb travelers from China were detected here with Covid19? Govt also not looking at Pacific Islands (some of which have had no detected cases) for open travel either. My theory (and I'm usually wrong) is that Ardern is looking for votes by finger-waggling at Scomo and point-scoring over who did Covid19 "better".

  3. I published the graph somewhere else on the blog I can't recall. The numbers arriving from China plummeted in tourist arrivals Jan/Feb. It was almost like China was yanking them from coming to NZ.

  4. Just caught up with this post. NZ needs to be a whole lot smarter about how they let people in, instead of a blanket quarantine, where people who arrived at different times are in close contact in the quarantine hotels (a giant step forward this week with the testing of people as they arrive and leave quarantine).

    If we insisted people had two tests before they arrived, one a week and one 24 hours before they board the plane, we cut the quarantine down by a week.
    Everyone arriving is tested and remains in quarantine for 48 hours, awaiting the result of the test. We can then be confident, that no one on the plane was infectious during the flight.
    Incoming passengers have to stay in the same city/town for the next week and they are booked to have 2 follow up tests and if the final test is clear they are free to travel anywhere in NZ.
    This would definitely work for overseas students and people coming to work, a little more tricky for tourists.

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