99.73% of Returning New Zealanders Do Not Have Covid-19

Let us analyse the real cost of this Covid-hysteria and Labour re-election fund to have New Zealand follow this ridiculous elimination strategy rather than the original "flattening of the curve".

81 cases caught at the borders

30,000 people using the managed isolation
$80m dollars spent so far

- $1m spent so far per case caught- .27% (yes - point two seven percent) of people tested positive for Covid-19.

A real user pays scheme would refund your dosh if you did not bring Covid-19 into the country.  A real user pays scheme would also make a compensation payment to you for completely unnecessary detention when you can provide a test before getting on a plane that you are covid-free.

Because based on these statistics it is little wonder the UK has shelved any formal plans and other countries do not bother.

Meanwhile the Labour government were happy to write a cheque for $37.6m for foreign temporary migrant workers who should not even still be in New Zealand as part of their visa conditions.

Peters said some foreign nationals and migrant workers had found themselves in a "tight spot" because of the pandemic.

Haha - because New Zealanders overseas in "tight spots" because of the pandemic I can tell you right now are receiving no such reciprocal help from the countries where they are living now!


  1. When Judith is elected, finally we will see a draining of the swamp

    1. Dude - " "I don't like wetlands – they're swamps ... Go and find someone who actually cares about this, because I don't,"

  2. When your digger breaks the jet-fuel line to Auckland Airport, everybody cares.

    1. "We established that a 16-tonne digger was working on the Ruakākā property between 26 August and 28 August 2014. It was delivered there so that a contractor could look for swamp kauri logs on the property."

      The report refers to "a contractor" and "the contractor". But no mention of who the contractor was. I'm (kauri) stumped. Who could it have been? No idea. Do you have any idea, Codgers?


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