Boris Leads The Way - Just Wrong Target

Fatties need to go to the end of public health queues.

What Covid-19 should have taught everyone in the world is that being obese and especially morbidly obese should stick you at the end of the queue for a ventilator  or even seeing a doctor in the public health system over those who respect their health.

There is nothing wrong with being obese or morbidly obese of course.  Your choice.

Just when we now hear cries the rest of us should sacrifice our freedoms to save the health of others I do have to ask?  

And why should a public health system pay for it?

You are not respecting your health, why the hell should everyone sacrifice their freedom and liberty to save and respect yours?

Instead of the fat food tax he is proposing which is a nonsense as weight loss is a simple mathematical equation of calories in and out, what he should be saying is you will go to the back of the queue for public health treatment during this pandemic period if you do not respect your own health.

If you are exercising well enough the odd bit of crap food will not hurt you.

Bit of a hard sell if you have sat your fat ass in intensive care during Covid-19 but.....needs must.  Carrie has basically told him as a new mother definitely not wishing at this point of the wealth creation process to be a new widow, shape up or no action.  It is fortunate she was in charge at that point and not an older ex-wife who possibly would be happy with the widow result considering his prattish behaviour towards every other woman he has been with.

The chocolate bars, chippies and KFC do not kill.

Excessive calories kill and you can measure that when you turn up wheezing and gasping for air in the fatty ward.


  1. I've struggled with my weight my whole life, as well as alcohol and cigarettes in my early 20s. Additionally, my parents were quite irresponsible allowing me to eat whatever I wanted from a very early age (in my earliest memories I was already overweight).

    Having this hedonistic bent and bad habits formed in infancy means my standard response is abstinence. I abstain from alcohol, coffee and cigarettes, but the problem is with food is that you have to eat and when you are abstaining from everything else, if you give in to temptation in choice of food or portion size just a few times a day, this multiplied over a year can add serious weight.

    Complicating this is that I would love to just exercise the excess calories away, but I run a few businesses and have 2 children under 6 (who I ensure eat very healthily) - so weight is the obvious thing to let go.

    I pay more than my fair share of taxes, have surgical health insurance and I could argue I am saving the Health System by abstaining from the legal drugs that my personality type is dying to abuse but I force myself to abstain from.

    I'm not resigned to having a weight problem, and I diet periodically so things don't get out of hand completely, but it will always be something I struggle with - in short I don't see why I should be punished if I happen to be a heavy phase of my yo-yoing when it take extreme personal responsibility in every other part of my life.


    1. One word for you Jeremy, Keto.
      Have a look at videos from The Public Health Collaboration on youtube. They are aimed at GP's in the UK so not just a youtuber with an opinion but some actual data.
      I shared your story, now 40kg lighter. Over to you.

    2. I'll second that, also check out the fat emperor podcast. Satiety instead of cravings goes along way to resolve weight issues.


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