Brenton Harrison Tarrant Now Getting A Better Deal Than New Zealand Returnees

JuCo brought this to a head today and Labour like sheep will follow.

So are National and Labour now going to ask people guilty of actual crimes to prepay their room and board in jail?

Because if they don’t they are discriminating against those returning to New Zealand. They are treating them worse than prisoners of the State.

The vast majority of people returning to NZ don’t have Covid-19.
They can provide a test on entry or even before entering New Zealand proving this.
The validity of the test is irrelevant. Not your fault.

It is up to the NZ authorities to prove the test is wrong.

What they’re saying now is they are going to detain you for 14 days, at your own considerable cost, to prove you don’t have Covid-19?

Meanwhile people guilty of actual crimes are detained, at the taxpayer's expense for years.

Both Labour and National are now treating Brenton Harrison Tarrant, an Australian, better than returning New Zealand passport holders who have every right to be allowed to return to NZ.

He at least gets free room and board.

The reason people are returning now are almost solely for bereavement or family issues or more likely they have nowhere else to go. New Zealanders are not going back and forward on holiday. You need a permit or residency to be anywhere else. Once employment or circumstances change you are forced to return to your country of passport and citizenship. New Zealanders do not understand this from the comfort of their Grey Lynn living rooms.

Other countries are not as nice as New Zealand and let unemployed workers stay and support them.

That is, yes you’re forced to return to New Zealand. It’s very easy for someone like myself with residence in multiple places to stay away. The NZ Embassy seems very happy where I am now to issue an official letter “please dear god keep her here”.   I have never received a better service in my nearly 20 years as an expat from a NZ Consulate or Embassy and noteworthy on a Friday afternoon when most of them are on the sauce!

They need to keep issuing these letters if they are now going to make us pay to return home.

The situation is grim if you have a family and enduring ties overseas. These people need to get back and need the slots on flights and quarantine. I am clued into the expat communities and the stories are horrific and worthy.

New Zealand is now treating these people in a lesser way than criminals, detaining them for 14 nights to prove they are Covid-free.

They don’t trust you to sit for 14 days in your own home away from others so slap a detention on you arriving. They’re blind to the tech available in HK or Singapore.

Worse, they’re now limiting the amount of flights in and people on those flights making it even more difficult to get back.  Yes again, the government is forcing airlines to limit the amount of people they can accept on flights.

For an indefinite period.
This could go on and I’m sure will for YEARS. No one thought this was going to go on for more than a few months. New Zealand originally never had an elimination strategy it was solely about managing the hospital system.

"Flattening the curve".

Jacinda Ardern then decided she wanted to run an election campaign and boost her personal profile on eliminating Covid-19 and then shutting the country off.  This was NOT the strategy when Uncle Winston told us all the rush back home.

If we all had, you would all still be in lockdown as those returning from shithole countries with loads of Covid would have spread it.  I blogged at the time if you loved New Zealand stay away.

Even if a vaccine is found it will be years before it’s rolled out to New Zealand because it’s the lowest priority on the planet. Well done eliminating Covid as you’re now last in line in priority for a vaccine.

Every other country on the planet outside of Australia and NZ has a system that allows you to return home to your home or someone you know and isolate there. The UK and USA our largest mates  basically don’t bother.

It’s outrageous and completely illegal to charge returning New Zealander to come home. It’s bad enough to slap them into a hotel when 99% of them are Covid negative.

I cannot wait for the Tangata Whenua to contest this. Maori have an even better case for not paying under Te Tiriti o Waitangi. I support them.  The idea of charging indigenous persons for returning to New Zealand is just completely insane.  They should all refuse to pay it.  If Jane Kelsey is your law lecturer ask her when your semester commences soon, what she thinks of this charge because there is absolutely nothing she taught me about Te Tiriti o Waitangi that permits such!

Then there is this section of the Bill of Rights, tell me New Zealand is not now under a medical and/or scientific experiment?

Are the 501's going to be charged for returning?  
They do not want to come back either. They should though.

Of course government employees will be exempted. Sigh.

All I am thinking is how long to crowdfund a challenge to this nonsense.

I note the latest cases caught in quarantine are from Pakistan and  Afghanistan. Unless they are returning military these will be either members of the fine New Zealand Uber driving community with dial a passports or maybe taxpayer funded returnees to see Brenton Harrison Tarrant sentenced, when they could have watched that on Zoom, like we all have had to since March conducting business.

There is a reason Labour have delayed charging returnees and I suspect Crown Law have told them it is illegal and will pose many issues as above.

If you still need a laugh on a serious topic,  here is Winston discussing the matter.  Make sure you pee first.


  1. Many Maori will be in Australia on the Jobkeeper benefit. When that runs out, and their employer can't afford them, they will return to NZ. I agree that it is outrageous to charge individuals (of any ethnicity) for collectivist dictates. Yes, taxpayer money is being used to pay for isolation, but two wrongs don't make a right. Force plus force is escalation.

    1. The trans tasman bubble should have been in place by now. It would solve a lot of the issues currently.

    2. 100% - Trans Tasman, Fiji, Cook Islands, Niue, Samoa - there is very little reason to retain a closed border to these markets. Why are NZ'ders being restricted free movement of travel. There is no balance being applied to both the health pandemic and the economy (together not one for the other).

      If the Government cannot manage an open and safe border then maybe they should step down and let someone else take over.


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