Dirty Journalists - Andrea Vance

Oh dear.

Breathless dirty journalists need a bit of a hurry up. 

This example especially.

Fine. Cool. Mate. As Chloe Swarbrick would say to her kool kids on Kiri Allan’s team.
Muller has only been at the helm a few weeks. There’s been no time for a culture change nor any evidence that he wanted to leave behind this legacy of toxicity. He even hired mischievous strategist Matthew Hooton, a prominent cast member of Dirty Politics and Hager’s 2006 book The Hollow Men.Seriously?
Handy Andy yes seriously...............

As someone far more to the front of Dirty Politics in that period than Matthew Hooton (because Hooton had very very little to do with what was going on I will swear an affidavit for) let me say. 

Hooton was not prominent.  In the slightest.  


I sent him an email. He replied with information publicly available had I dragged myself off the beach bar I was at to google it myself or anyone for that matter.  Hardly the work of the evil or  Machiavellian. Get over yourselves. That’s about the extent of Hooton’s involvement. But Andy. 

Peter Dunne.

Poor old Pete was dribbling at your lowered neckline to provide you with information he should not have.

Dirty journalism.

Don’t tell us you didn’t think you liked it, enjoyed the advantage you got over older female colleagues in the Gallery wanting scoops.

You solicited information that an older less attractive colleague or bloke would not have been privy to. 

You got advantage because of a dribbling silly old white man desperate to impress you. 

Just STOP.

Dirty politics?
Come on you solicited the advances of dirty journalism for a scoop?

Winston knows it.
Everyone does.


Not a tidy leak of MOH names.  Not a lazy list of names of Covid patients that no one would ever publish.  

You tried to launder information from the GCSB.


The highest level of privacy breached.  Poor young Hamish Walker had nothing on what was on offer.

Don’t pretend to be outraged.

You are as dirty filthy as the rest of them.

Spit swapped with Dirty Politics 2014 won’t be good for you. Or your colleagues publishing breathless pieces of sanctimonious bs like this. Myself and others have plenty of examples of media collusion for placement of stories.

Journalists have short memories if they don’t realise what they did in 2014. The last thing they should invoke is the term “dirty politics”.

Hager knows. He has all the emails. 
Oh dear.

The pious Mediawatch and Brent Edwards has only scraped the top of the cervical smear this week by journalists. They seem to have got to the crux of what I have asked - how outrageous it is that media analyse leaks from media having laundered information from Walker during an election campaign!  And well done to Mediawatch for asking a good hard solid WTF!  Because I sure as hell did.

Hager will be enjoying loving this campaign.

Where is his book?  Because he warned  journalists all to behave.

Behave, you are not.


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