JuCo 2.0 Launches With A Political Megabomb

Yes well that was #quiteaweek.

If you didn’t realise it now you will now.

National 1 Labour 0.
Cindy didn’t turn up the whole week.  Apparently we should all be in fear of Covid.  There is no election.

A political leader hugged by a real bloke who prefers the Missus to fishing

There is only one person in the country who could have predicted the outcome.

Judith Collins.

She wrote a book.

Most of it was written off as boring, mocked in reviews by the woke, pinkos and meek. 

Read it again in retrospect of this week.

Not so boring now woke hipsters. Manhire, Braunias............
There’s plenty of material there.

The problem with Crusher  Juco (Judith Collins) is of anyone dishing out her evil “double double” to, I would be that person.

Under a desk.
In the world.
The world is not fucking large enough.
She might just have had a reversal of the past.

Digest that.
Read it again.....
And again......
And again.......

She didn’t.
I was waiting....
And again......
She never has.

She still has not.
Her references in the book I thought were extremely generous and gracious. I won’t add to that time as it is quite rightly her story.

Key and English have been quiet. Silent.

Key is fine.
He never wanted to sack JuCo.  I know that from people close to him at that time.
Did not care.  Really.
English and especially the power hungry wife need to be.
They were delighted apparently to receive matters at hand.
Someone cough... possibly wasn't so happy in retrospect to have had Ms X pass to the woke English's who then benefitted receiving that without their knowledge especially as English is such a .............. cough.

Read the pages....and again...
And again......

I didn’t receive my normal Christmas card onwards from Christmas 2014 from JuCo......
Quite understandable.........
I would wish to put myself in a deep hole...

That was all.......

JuCo 2.0 has launched.......

There is no “double double” in this version.
There is no more nasty.
Read the book.
Her book showed that.
None of the left reviewing it actually read it.

In the context of her reincarnation.
She has now moved into a politically happy and calm space.
It’s incredible.

She lives, as we all do from that time rent free in silly Nicky Hager and his mad sister’s head.
None of us can afford the rent for living there. 

He’s a nutter.
He’s mad.
As is the sister.
No one understands what happened at that time let alone cares.

Good on JuCo 2.0.

The loony social media twitter left have lost it.
Just a collection of lunatic rants on social media.
But none of them did worse for her at that time than I did.

And JuCo 2.0 moved on.
And on.
Spent time on the backbench.
Getting better.
And stronger.
Chapters rolled through that......

And is now.

Your worst.
Hash tag snigger.

The left need to buy her book, read it and read it intelligently in retrospect.....think about the mind you are now facing at the election.  National MP's need to do same......

Good on her.

Everyone loves a comeback.
This could be the best one ever.
I personally wait for the the last moment to tactically vote ACT or National but I am more comfortable doing so for JuCo than the previous woke regimes.

The problem I have with JuCo is what I always have had.....

She’s actually at heart very centrist with minimal right wing principles I agree with.
She admits coming from a Labour family?
Lange helped her.
Margaret Wilson. 
Helen Clark. 
Read the book,

Watch her space.
I have nothing to do with Juco 2.0
If she has rinsed herself from that time as she should and can and moved on she is going to be Jacinda Ardern’s worst nightmare. Because she is genuinely better than Jacinda is.

Any thought she will polarise the ACT and right vote is ridiculous, she is no such right wing thing so that is  usually a good space to be in if you wish to get votes for National fence gropers.

(Unless you’re Bill or Mary English and a total D for dick)


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