Pot Kettle ........

Oh dear god, chauvinists need to all have a little corner to huddle in about now.

You take Wives, Girlfriends and Fiancés to Paris!
Mistresses you take to Rotorua.
Come on!


Somehow denigrating the woman in this is acceptable?

Where does a man take a woman when she ended up as the mother of his child but not with him at the same time he was formally with another woman and crapped all over that relationship and is now suddenly Daddy of the Year espousing how amazing this child is and how he enjoys being a solo father to her?

Just asking for a friend.


Jacinda Ardern sacked Iain Lees Galloway for being a scumbag Rooter and having a relationship with a staffer who may have felt pressured into that.

Personally I was surprised as I thought he was shagging another woman who couldn’t be described as it was. The fact a man that unappealing has had one extra marital shag was enough for me I don’t want to ever believe there were two women succumbing to that.

Either you believe Jacinda Ardern was justified in doing so or she shouldn’t have sacked him. What is it Bomber?

I believe she had no choice and made the right call not to put up with it given the current #metoo environment. Judith Collins has made it very clear she will not either and knowing her background she has very little tolerance for bad male behaviour in that regard and is even to the point rather pious about it which is possibly why she was never invited to the blokes club in the Beehive.

Yes the left’s worst nightmare, a centre right female leader who will not only drain her chauvinist swamp but take their dirty passive aggressive pinko swamp out too.

So Bomber no you don’t post some bullshit jock humour about the situation. 


  1. Rotorua indeed!

    Everyone knows Tauranga is where you take your mistress...


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