Prayut Chan-o-cha Is Better Than Jacinda Ardern

Chan-o-cha has defeated New Zealand for the best Covid-19 response.

Thailand's Ashley Bloomers

Chan-o-Cha is in charge of not 5 million but 66 million people.

The GCI takes a number of factors into account when calculating its rankings, primarily big data and daily analysis from 184 countries, coupled with data from the Global Health Security Index, which is prepared by the John Hopkins Center for Health Security in the US, and covers 195 countries.

And yet, NZ Media sponsored now by left wing funding will never tell you this.  All these other countries are shithole ones, the rampant left do not acknowledge.

Prime Minister Chan-o-cha has the same issue New Zealand has now of course, locking down and kicking tourists out was bloody easy.

Opening up?

Yeah not so....


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