Make Simon Wilson Go Away!

Seriously if this is not jumping the shark I don’t know what is.

Cancer of your ass will not even let you off me saying this.

None of this is very funny

2. Judith Collins said this week that she loves your hair, it's just so glossy. Go on, show her what it looks like in a ponytail.
6. Kanye West, Kane Williamson, Phil Twyford: kiss, marry, kill?
17. Daenerys Targaryen, Sansa Stark, Cersei Lannister: kiss, marry, kill? 
18. In a 2018 interview on BBC, you said, "It takes courage and strength to be empathetic." Also, we imagine, you need a good breakfast, time in the riot room smashing things and a rom-com on TV every night before bed. 
23. Fifteen hours on a plane next to Iain Lees-Galloway or 15 minutes on the dance floor with David Seymour? 
32. Winston Peters, James Shaw, Judith Collins. Yeah, we get it. Kiss, marry, that's enough with the violence there is no place for it in politics. 

Not a Cindy supporter but I have a slightly younger sister around her age and if you had written that about her Simon,  I would be filing the same edict, and maybe a little bit stronger because it is my little sister, and  you would be lucky I am a long-haul flight and 14 days in the hotel hole away from your place of work. GROSS.

Prime Minister Cindy has her 40th on Sunday. The 26th. So they even got the wrong date.

Good god leave her to it without some bad bullshit white dirty old man comment asking sexualised  and romanticised rhetoricals. It is very weird and inappropriate. 

As are all the urban myth rumours nice (looking) but dim Clarke got the Nanny pregnant: the part time nanny I have heard is one of the xxxx Party royalty’s daughter. 

Just stop it. None of that is true. 

Someone has to say it.  I have. Clarke is dim god bless but not that dim.

Wilson here has become a terrible caricature of himself.  A muppet.  If a slightly right wing author submitted this piece what would happen?  Seriously. Creepy.  They would be burned at the woke stakes.

Even those of us on the right wing (meaning moi) are saying hello - inappropriate.


And happy birthday Jacinda. 

Hopefully your last as PM but have a nice day with friends and family and not feral dick head non funny chumps like Wilson.

That column was just mad and a bit pedo-creepy.  


  1. How did the piece get past the editing team? This should have been tossed away. Another new low for the paper now in terminal decline?
    Simon Wilson has to be one of the most awful columnists in NZ. David Slack runs a close second.

  2. Simon Wilson's interview with Jordan Peterson with snide questions and tone, was almost as tendentious as this fawning attempt at humour.

    1. Jordan Petersen exposed Simon Wilson as this pathetic pseudo intellectual interviewer who should have taken up greeting card jingle writing - his true calling, many years ago.

  3. What on earth are you trying to say?


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