The Best Day And The Worst Day All Rolled Into One

Cruelly reminded on Facebook memories and a dirty rotten Pom friend of mine, that it has been one year ago since I was sitting in the stands at Lords watching this.  My moon boot may be gone and the ankle close to healed, but the hollow pit of despair and devastation in my stomach returns every time I see scenes like this.

One year on and the English decided to pay tribute to the Black Lives Matter movement by playing so badly they lost, at home, to the West Indies, in a test match, in front of no one.

The first match played since the day the world changed when I had to watch NZ play Australia at the SCG on a mobile phone from a restaurant in Sydney while they banished the crowd and played the match, in front of no one.


  1. How dare you remind of us of this treacherous day - Im still having nightmares. My only salavtion is to replay the two day semi win over India (what a game!)

    1. Yes, the India game is all we can console ourselves with. Matt Henry will never bowl two deliveries like that again in his life, but we owe him our thanks.


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