The Costs Of Elimination - No Bubble No Xmas Home In Islands or Australia


No you are not going "home" and back.  Cancel your trips for Christmas NOW.

How clearer do Labour have to make this - oh yes Jacinda Ardern does not deliver bad news.  But she has cancelled ALL your Christmas holidays back to the Islands and Australia to see the family.

This is a cost of the much danced about "elimination" strategy for Covid.  Now all you can do is wait and wait for a vaccine to free you.

None of this should have anything to do with the COST of quarantine, there will not be enough slots for people TO quarantine.  Until the government (and with it the "team of 5 million") accept some Covid-19 in New Zealand and allow the use of home detention and ankle bracelet tech, this is your life.

First up - an Aussie journalist with permanent residency in New Zealand on the whinge that she is "stuck" in New Zealand.  No you are not.  You can go back to Australia anytime.  There are people genuinely "stuck" all around the world now.

I’m almost tempted to start watching Home and Away, just to feel closer to home.
This puts into perspective where her loyalty for "home" lies!  She probably supports the Wallabies as well.  Claiming to have any affection to New Zealand is about as genuine as mine with permanent residency to Hong Kong and claiming to be Chinese.

A few times in the past month, I’ve mulled over the idea of booking a flight and paying for managed isolation in Queensland on arrival. It costs just under AU$3000 (NZ$3233) for one adult, almost AU$4000 if my partner, who is a dual New Zealand and Australian citizen, wants to go see his family as well.
It would be expensive, but it’s a price I was contemplating paying just to see loved ones face-to-face.

Again, NO Labour do not want you to do this.  Australia do not want you to do this.  Which part of this can people not understand?

It looks like I’m stuck in Wellington, my home for the past two years, for the foreseeable future. I don’t know when I will see my parents, my grandparents, my siblings and nephew next.
The trans-Tasman bubble has been teased for so long now that I’ve completely given up on it becoming a reality.
That is correct.  I am sorry you are stuck in Wellington but right now as a permanent resident and not a citizen you are taking a job in journalism that a New Zealand citizen could have so they can write the normal click bait bullshit about how they cannot afford a first home. Oh the good old days.

The 16-year-old, who currently lives in New Zealand with her aunt and uncle, has not seen her parents or siblings - who reside in Samoa - since the beginning of the year.

Hastings says her family has "sacrificed so much" to allow her to attend school in New Zealand and "get the education every Kiwi kid deserves".
"My time with my family is very scarce and the amount of money that is being spent on my school fees, stationery and other living expenses is already a large sum. To be asked to pay $3100 dollars is a lot of money," she wrote.

Oh dear.  There is a simple answer - Cancel your ticket and STAY in New Zealand until there is a bubble with Samoa.  This is what Jacinda Ardern and Labour WANT you to do.

How many other Islanders are booked to do the same at Christmas?  Hello - this is precisely why quarantine charges have had to be brought in.  To STOP people travelling to and from New Zealand.  They only want you to go one way - home.  If you don't know where home is you have to decide.

"Where do I fit into your policy? Will there be an exemption for citizens like me who have already paid for our tickets to COVID-free countries prior to your announcement?" Hastings wrote.

Cancel your trip NOW.  That is where you fit.  New Zealand has a travel advisory not to travel.  Public demand can only open these bubbles and to open the bubble you have to get off the fence and accept some Covid-19 in the community.

More geniuses thinking they can come home for Christmas keep coming just because he promotes Maori - to the Poms.  Nope - Christmas with Granny is CANCELLED. The CGT (Christmas Granny Tax) is real.

The renewal of the work visa is an urgent issue but one NZ diplomats need to assist with and come to agreement with the Poms over to stop an exodus of actual stateless New Zealanders that have the real issues. Getting a bit homesick or coming back to drive an UBER it ain’t.


  1. LOL when are Kiwis going to realize there is no end-game? There is no plan, apart from hope for a somewhat effective vaccine with no bad side-effects comes along in the next couple of years. If it doesn't? Well, Jacinda is not going to answer that question, is she?


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