The Coronavirus Coalition Declares Selective Covid Immunity!

On Monday some of you are going to have to wear face masks.

Today the Coronavirus Coalition however declared the following groups of people and times of travel, immune from catching or spreading Covid-19 on public transport and aircraft -

• children under 12 (despite previously been told children are dangerous vectors for the virus).
• school buses.
• charter or group tours.
• interisland ferries.
• private flights.
• By private contractors of air services such as top-dressers.
• Passengers of small passenger vehicles, such as taxis and uber. But drivers will be required to wear masks.
• People with a disability or physical or mental health condition that makes covering their face unsuitable.
• There will be other times when it is not required – such as in an emergency, if unsafe, if people need to prove their identity, or to communicate with someone who is deaf, or if required by law.


  1. The good news is that the Governments own COVID19 website currently says they will detail who needs to wear them when they have more information! The memos must move slowly in government.


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