The End Of Days Comes When The Germans Are Leading The Fight To Freedom

World leaders are proving incompetent for every reason imaginable.  All of them.

Covid-19 is everywhere, it is a virus, yes some people will die and it is sad.

But for the future of the human race we now have to give up fighting a nonsense battle and get on with our lives.  We cannot wait years for a vaccine.  This bullshit of locking everyone up has to end. NOW. If locking people down worked old people wouldn’t be dying in rest homes, governments would not want to be releasing prisoners!

If you are a scared petal, stay at home.  Lockdowns are irreparably destroying lives, tormenting the elderly and children.

I am in a country right now that has "zero" community transmission, it is "covid-free" and we do not have to mask up, we have all the freedoms.  And yet - no mates to play with as the borders are shut. People's partners cannot join them, tourists cannot come in, locals cannot be re-united with loved ones.  It is as miserable as one can imagine.  I could sit here as everyone can in New Zealand with sanctimony and point fingers at the world about how f'ing awesome we are as I extend my visa, meanwhile steaming shit house poverty is occurring as locals queue for rice when expats and local leaders organise food drives.  It is and will happen in New Zealand especially when wage subsidies are gone. The whole country has been living off money those here can not borrow.

Or we can live in the real world.
Which will only change when the western public sector have their incomes slashed 30,40 or 50 percent and job cuts relative to the destruction upon the real world right now.

I have a four year old niece who thinks it’s normal to learn sports in front of a computer while wearing a tutu dancing round in her lounge with her hands in the air, she’s safe there from the “germs”.  This was the most distressing time to that point of Covid hysteria as I watched the video of it in horror. No amount of purchasing her a Black Ferns or White Ferns kit for life is going to now save her from thinking ballet is a f***** sport not a classic liberal art w****^ government subsidised shite stain.

I have friends mothers and grandmothers who are in rest homes unable to see their children for months now through plastic. They’re now telling the children they have nothing to live for without contact from the outside world.  Yep old people faced with another year of lock down will want to die.

For the rest of us of fit fighting age, they are just providing cannon fodder for anger.

Movies are being made of this year by liberals in Hollywood, TV series. My wish is that when lockdowns cease we never talk of this time again. For the shame of the reaction to it. Perfectly intelligent persons I know have turned into risk averse munters. The sort of people who previously posted Instagrams of living every day like it’s your last. Where are they now? They’re on the covid couch!

Glasses or classes?
Easily the best headline in ever from the DM.

Well all I can think when I read that is this - why are the children allowed to go back to school if we cannot go to see our mates at the pub!

Ditto the street brawl for the Muslims celebrating Eid. BAME happy to take the risk of the evil Covid-19. Yes well when there is money in it they’re happy to claim victimhood.

But for heavens sake let everyone make their own risk and reward assessments in life and get on with it.

The country with the best protest so far?

The shame after what our ancestors did to free us from what the Germans did, and now they’re the leaders in violent lockdown protest?
The Western world is on the covid couch too afraid to carry on.

Government's world-wide have sold us this pup that a vaccine will be found in quick time and this is going to be over. That would have been nice only the more everyone has had a chance to analyse this the more we realise what nonsense this sell is. 

It shall not be.

This is not even a 2021 proposition.

This is 2022.

Or beyond. Even our beloved former dear leader Helen Clark has the balls to say this. No vaccine for long time.  Where is the NZ media reporting this every damn day?

I am not of the protesting in the street type of person, but if there were co-ordinated protests to end this lockdown world-wide?

I will be out in the street for that.  

It is about the only thing worthy of it in my lifetime. 

Black lives matter?
This is about all our lives mattering.

Bad cops are the least of the issue when every government worldwide is misleading and mismanaging locking down perfectly healthy people in the name of large numbers of people who would have been next off the rank to die anyway?

Yeah it’s horrid.
Yeah it’s nasty.
But politicians sometimes have to make hard calls and this is the hardest of our generation.
Sometimes as people we have to all make hard calls.
That is why we vote for muppets.
To sometimes do this for us so our consciences are clear.

Give up the “fight” against Covid and let us get the hell on with it.


  1. Where is this Utopian country you are surviving in?
    No commuidy transmission..
    Maybe St Jacinda could take lessons??

  2. The baseless fear is paralysing the political class and the chattering classes equally. Real leadership from our supposed great communicator? Unlikely. Nice to see Helen got another gig on public money.
    Totally understand and agree on ballet. As they said about opera “subsidised bloody vowels”.

  3. Lol Jacinda will never let Kiwis out of the little fortress that time forgot. She's got them where she wants them, scared and afraid of covid which is worse than ebola crossed with black death and carried by zombies. Other countries will riot in new lock-ups but not the kind docile kiwi sheep. Any kiwi overseas right now should realise they are not welcome home, they didn't do it hard by sitting on their chuffs for a few weeks whilst in no actual danger. Lol, NZ is such a f***ing joke when you are on the outside looking in.


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