All Blacks Have Had All Year With Their Families - Time To Front Up

The NZ Rugby Union faces its next battle - getting the players to play.

This year has seen Beauden Barrett, Richie Mo'unga and less crucially The 20 minute All Black TJ Perenara, become or about to become, first time fathers.

That is nice.

But this year, the NZRU has taken in total some $7m in taxpayers cash to subsidise wages.   Revenues will be down all round (estimates $120m) and the poor NZRU will be suffering gargantuan holes in their balance sheet.

The woke snowflakery that lost the All Blacks the World Cup last year cannot be repeated.  You cannot accept "family reasons" to avoid any of the Rugby Championship.  Playtime is over.  Wifey with the cute instagrams peddling sponsored product continues as does flogging her used most likely sponsored clothing on Instagram.  Another latest pastime for the huns!

"We want to make sure whoever is representing the All Blacks does so in a safe environment where they feel happy and comfortable,” said NZ Rugby chief executive Mark Robinson on Friday.

“Some of those conversations started earlier today with understanding where players and management line up with their different circumstances.

"Conversations" should include the NZRU legal counsel, the player and their agent and a very short comment that the contract will be enforced or ripped up to give someone keener to play for the All Blacks a go. 

Most concerning was this:

If that means they are unable to assemble or travel we'll hear that out and support that."

Say what? 

Jacinda Ardern blames Ashley Bloomfield and his Ministry for the rules that wrecked NZ's chances of hosting the Rugby Championship.  She is of course lying.  What is the point of being the Prime Minister if you do not take advice and then make your own decision?  

New Zealand did the "mahi" and she stole the treats.

Robertson as a sports nut especially should have advised her very strongly to host this at all cost of concessions.  How does he think the summer of cricket is going to pan out?

As for the All Blacks.

Family reasons is reserved for someone dying, not getting a bit homesick and having the missus whinge at you that you aren't home and they miss you.

Perenara says he'll consult with his wife before committing to the tour. 

"It's definitely something we'll put thought into," Perenara says. "It's not an easy situation to have to go into, but there will be a lot of thought going into that."

Good grief. You are either a professional in the tent or you are not.  If Perenara does not tour, it will give the opportunity to a younger player I guess who has a primary interest in rugby and not woke activism as he plays with basketball cards online with his mates.  Given how much better Smith has played this year, Perenara may not get his slot back if Brad Weber plays to his best.  Not to mention any further leadership aspirations for him.  

Leaders lead, they do not stay at home. Roger Tuivasa-Scheck the best example of such staying in Australia without his partner in camp, five months away from his son. His words are admirable.

"I felt like, this is the role I play as a man, as a father," he said. 

"This is where I chose to be because I'm the provider for my family. I'm here to work and this is the role that I play for my family.

"It's a blessing to be doing the job that I'm doing.

"I know so many good people that aren't working back home or who have been laid off, so I'm just lucky for the opportunity. 

The last time the All Blacks had to go overseas to play a rugby match was 1 November 2019. Close to a year ago now.  They at worst, were last overseas for Super Rugby on 14 March before the world decided we should all become afraid of our own shadows.

The only concern the wives have really is that their men end up quarantining at Christmas. They have them away that time of year usually anyway however also get to travel and glamour around Europe and the USA after the end of year tour so that is probably another factor - they cannot go and have shopping trips and brunches in Sydney and Brisbane.  Oh and Australian wanna be WAG women will be flocking to break inside the camp.  The poor petals will also miss Christmas day and have to delay it.  Just like all sorts of sportspeople have to do.  If the Warriors can do what they have, this is a doddle.

It was announced by Sanzaar on Friday that the Rugby Championship will run from November 7 to December 12.

If that was the case and the All Blacks flew back to New Zealand on December 13, they would be out of quarantine on December 27, so would all miss Christmas with their families.

They are all millionaires or well on the way to becoming one, they are all paid more money and have a job that most New Zealanders including fans can dream of.  The advantages of being an All Black are plentiful and enduring.

The essential workers, many who are fans, went out in New Zealand away from their families for days and weeks at a time risking the invisible non-existent threat of covid for you.  While they were delivered home gyms to keep in shape.

Their employer took the wage subsidy and ran up debts to future taxpayers doing so.

Without rugby giving them what they have most of the players would be good looking rugged gym instructors, real estate or car salesmen leading very unglamorous average lives. That is the crux of it.  None seem to be master scholars.  Very few have transferrable skills such as a Richie McCaw to accumulate assets or careers larger than their current ones.  They get opportunities during and after rugby solely because they are ex-All Blacks.

The All Blacks actually now owe us as fans and they owe their employer.

Harden up.  Playing with yourselves in fantasy rugby is over.  Time to go to Australia and get the job done against real competition who will play test match style footie not the new Potemkin village "Aotearoa" gala rugby.


  1. Dont forget the 300K seafarers that cannot get home. Some have been on ships for more than 12 months and are really doing it hard.

    I am a retired Master Mariner.

    1. I didn't mention the tens of thousands of NZers overseas now who haven't seen their families and won't for Xmas as they can't access the quarantine the ABs will be guaranteed on arrival home. And those families stuck in the immigration nightmare currently who have babies, children and partners in NZ or overseas they haven't seen for 6 months either.

    2. Hey you lot show some guts and do the job you are paid to do or step aside and let someone else do the business go and play at home show some balls for God sake

  2. Why ,,,government don't let to us host rugby champion & between Australia ,,if we are let rugby continue champions and I belivies to all NZRU ,,and events governments lost incomes millions brig

  3. And yet we have Servicemen and Woman who are in outposts around the world that wont be home for Christmas.


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