Phil Goff Claims Island and Maori Churchgoers Are Just Stupid


In other words - Phil Goff thinks those in his home electorate of Mt Roskill, predominantly Pacific Island and Maori, are stupid. How dare you question The Podium Of Truth?!

I think the largest sign of failed intellect is not only insulting your core support base, but incorrectly wearing an ill-fitting face and ridiculous looking face mask Phil.

It is a sign of intellect not to be a sheeple and to constantly question those in authority.

Especially when the authority is lying to you.

Politicians should be running the country not the Ministry of Health.  They should stop hiding behind them.

As for the Mt Roskill church? Well the Cops have not been brought in yet to deal with their non-compliance.  Imagine if this was the Remuera Rotary club what would have happened? Yes, threats of Police and door-knocks to anyone on social media even re-posting anti-government rhetoric.


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