Crusher Upsets The Fat Activists Raging Against The Fatpocalypse!

Crusher has come out and upset the fat lobby by claiming they should exercise control over their own lives and that she should not have to as a politician.  The context which has of course been conveniently left out is she was asked to comment on a tax on foods that allegedly "cause" obesity.  No such food does this, the amount of total calories in your gob v what you expend does.  It is basic maths.

She has been attacked for this instantly by the fat lobby and the usual snowflake university health "experts".  These people have created an industry of victimhood to a condition that has a very easy cure - STOP EATING SO MUCH.

Finally a politician who is not pandering to "health experts" claiming obesity is anyone else's problem than that of the individual.  
"I found Judith Collins' response to the story both heartless, but unfortunately not surprising," she says. "It fits in line with a larger neo-liberal project, which is about positioning individuals as being solely responsible for their own health and well-being, and suggesting neither the larger society nor the state has any role to play.

"We are a community, we need to take care of one another."

Dr Pause says it is important for individuals to promote the health and well-being of all people, rather than stepping in and trying to alter one's eating habits.

Neo-liberalism has nothing to do with you stuffing your face with food.  Evil right wingers are not forcing you to chuck junk in your trunk, open the fridge or shop in the wrong parts of a supermarket.  We are not forcing you from signing up to Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig or locking you out of a gym. On the contrary. 

You can run marathons and as long as you are eating more calories than you run off, you gain weight.  Exercise is only about 10% of the solution, the 90% comes from what you put in your mouth.  Crusher Collins is hardly a twig herself yet takes personal responsibility for that and does not blame anyone but herself.  Quite rightly. Everyone knows how to lose weight, it is just that for most it is very hard and people don’t do hard anymore.

Cat Pause, a stereotypical and caricature loud, large blowhard American, has absolutely no answers to obesity because it is a problem she never wants solved else why would she be employed as a "Fat Scholar" at the powerhouse academic institution called Massey University.  She actually refuses to accept there is a problem at all! Don't believe me? 

Pee first then come back and read this out loud.  What serious academic institution would entertain such garbage and labelling of one's self?

Her research is focused on the effects of fat stigma on health and well-being on fat individuals and how fat activists resist the fatpocalypse. She has called for a new fat ethics, acknowledging the role science has played in the oppression of fat people and ensuring that research around fatness centers fat epistemology. 

Cat Pause has absolutely no incentive to lose weight herself to become healthier or make healthy decisions for herself.  She is clearly morbidly obese yet does not wish to be called on it as Crusher has - a fail and a weakness of hers.  No we cannot upset people with telling them the truth. The same people on Twitter right now calling Crusher all manner of names under the sun reminding her of her fails and weakness.

Being that large is unhealthy for you and if the public has to pay for it in more expensive publicly funded health care for you then the public deserve some accountability in return for you doing something about your size.  If there was no public health system then there is a great argument for being as fat as you like, however no private insurer would go near you as they would charge a premium the size of your backside.

If obesity really was an epidemic as Covid-19 was when it was confined to Wuhan, Pause would be treated in the community as we wished Wuhan Covid-19 victims were and locked down for her own safety and good and fed a healthy diet and released when she was healthy, for her own good and that of the community.  Unlike locking the rest of us away during Covid, this would be viewed by people like her as an abuse of her rights.

The problem with the argument that obesity is somehow other people's fault than your own, is that during lockdown there were hours a day to go outside an exercise, it was encouraged by being one condition you were allowed outside.  New Zealand had the best control experiment it could ever have on weight and obesity.  People were PAID to stay at home.  There were NO excuses not to exercise - work, time to prepare food, children, money.....everything was taken care of:

-  Those mentally disciplined during lockdown in their approach to life actually took control and many lost weight.  

- Those who exercised no or little personal responsibility for their conditions around them enjoyed themselves with food and netflix time and suffered the result of this.

Many people did exercise......then what did they go and do?  They then spent their free time baking calorific goods and stuffing their faces, many posting the results proudly on instagram. Many would have then stopped exercising claiming it a failure and weight loss as too hard.  Many social media comments today are from women claiming to have dieted for years and never losing weight.  The answer is they should go to a new doctor or dietician and get better advice. Or better still actually stick to calorie reduction diets strictly and stop lying to yourself.

Which leads back to the real reason Crusher is correct to call obesity what it is in a COVID election - the underlying state of a person had a huge impact on their chances of surviving Covid-19.

Fatties all over the world were demanding to be protected and scared for their own health as they were less likely to survive a Covid infection.  They wanted businesses to close, livelihoods of others built for decades to be put on the line.  For the first time in a long time they actually cared about their own health.

Now they are back to their cry-bully call out culture of everyone who dares question their commitment to making themselves healthier to live longer and cost less to the community they wish to feel a part of.  You cannot win with these people!

People like Cat Pause ARE the problem.  They design taxpayer funding to seek to normalise obesity and especially morbid obesity to the point that overweight people now do not consider themselves to be overweight as they look at obese people and feel small and normal.  She writes about the fatpocalypse as if eliminating obesity is a BAD thing.

No Cat Pause, you are morbidly obese, you have a dangerously unhealthy size. You can do something about that.  We cannot.

This does not make you less of a person to a thin one, however it does not give you the right to claim to be a victim and blame others for the obesity of others.

It does make you a person who should own those labels as you do your gender pronouns, and stop advocating others to join you on the couch, near the fridge, eating too much for your own good.


  1. I have seen tis person when my son graduated from Massey with an MA. In full academic regalia she resembles a 1st Rate Ship of the Line under full sail!!!!!

    1. She would lose her entire identity and reason for professional existing should she suddenly be hit with the thin stick.

    2. I had to reread part of the post, as my mind immediately went to Fat Pause rather than Cat Pause. One would be better for her health than the other.

  2. I love the sight of a fat Queer in the morning.


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