"Bring Back Manly Men" - Candace Owens

Thank heavens there is someone out there willing to confront feminists who have floated the nonsense that is "toxic masculinity".  No such thing exists.

There is nothing toxic about masculinity.  Unless the masculinity is one that abuses women emotionally or physically.  You could say the same about "toxic feminism".  Nothing wrong or unhealthy with feminism unless it emotionally or physically abuses men.

Harry Styles is clearly bisexual so not the best example for her to use, however the point remains.

The problem with the cucking of men that goes on these days by women, is that women are having to end up doing the job of men.  It is exhausting to do everything.  Let men do things that men are naturally better than women at.  Men are stronger than women physically thanks to testosterone. Let them use it.  Men are happier when they are achieving something. Let them do it, let them lift heavy stuff women cannot.  Men need a purpose far more than women do. Let them find one.  

Owens has not been cancelled yet. Primarily because she is black.

A white woman could not get away with saying the sorts of things she does.  Which is good as a lot of what she says makes perfect sense. For those of you not familiar with Owens, read up on her.   Her latest book is very good.

It does make you think why New Zealand men are so depressed these days and lining up to front mental health campaigns.  

Is it really because they feel displaced in society by women who are basically doing their job of being men?  The natural head of any household and with it structure in society is the man.  If he earns less than a woman this dynamic changes.  If the woman outshines him in life, this dynamic changes.

A common complaint I hear from male friends of mine in New Zealand is that the women aren’t “feminine” enough say compared to our Asian counterparts. To which I remind them that if perhaps they actually treated her like she was a woman, she would be!

I know plenty of strong powerful women, without exception every female friend of mine is.  Many struggle to be in relationships with men because quite frankly - they cannot find one strong and powerful enough and do not want to settle for some version of a cuck.    Some women are happy with ordering a bloke around, but not many.  Those sorts are effectively looking for a bloke who in all essence is really apart from the ability to give birth - a traditional wife.  If they are happy being that then fine.  Not many are.

Women are attracted to men for home-making, stronger and more powerful than they are, we always have been.  Men however are ultimately attracted for home-making to women who, and they can claim not to be all they like, are not equals.

An "equal" cannot exist in such a societal power structure.  

We are going through an awkward generational change as human beings from Gen X and younger where women are dominating in relationships, demanding more from men, getting paid more than men and men seem to be as miserable as hell about it.

Quite simply - women have worked out they really do not need men as much as previous generations did.

Telling anyone to "harden up" these days seems to be the social equivalent of attempted murder.

Every time someone dares question this order, they are cry bullied by the hoards on social media.  This lot practise bullying better than the likes of Quinn could ever have achieved in his tweet.

The poor modern men are not biologically designed to cope with these changes thrust upon them by toxic feminists and are confused as hell about it.  

I feel now I have to post this, for readers to deal with what I have just typed, in case you know - anyone is triggered.


  1. "...women have worked out they really do not need men as much as previous generations did." And vice versa. The sexes are slowly separating. Birth rates falling almost everywhere. At least the man-made climate change, pro population control lot will be pleased. Personally I was looking forward to a grandchild or two.

    1. Yes that is a good point too. While yes there are different types of men, the war on men being manly needs to cease.

  2. I have no problem with the Argetine players and coaches expressing their emotion. It was a historic moment of huge propoprtions. And Latino culture has always made for expressive masculinity.

    I agree with your proposition and I have been catching up with the work of Jordan Peterson. As he describes it our systems have been taken over by neo-marxists, post-modernist, and, social constructionists. In particular the Humanities and Social Sciences departments of universities. In thier search for power they are breaking down masculinity and men. Their weapon is the premise of history being a tyrannical male patriarchy that suppressed woman.

  3. Peter Williams plugging your blog on Magic Talk today.

  4. The divergence is ever more political too, women voting for parties that gives them more financial support - replacement for the men that don't value their company enough to stick with them, and men going for the parties that espouse greater freedom from tax, regulation and woke social stricture. Blue collar are now right wing, white collar are fem dominated left wing and are electorally dominant. The result is in totality sufficiently economically and socially offputting to men that they are fucking off to fairer pastures offshore in ever greater numbers to escape the matriarchal social hellscape that NZ is becoming. 5-10% more females than males now in child-rearing 30-50 year age group (when there are more men than women under 30). No wonder NZ's productivity is sliding into the shitter.

  5. It's a generalisation, but mostly true is that women like strong men, and when looking to settle down, men look for women who will be good mothers. Women don't like going out with men who earn less than them, and men don't like going out with women who earn more than them. There are always outliers, but it is mostly true. We've long lost the time when only one parent (mostly the man) could work and that would afford a family a home and the ability to raise children. I think what the feminists are missing is that not every woman will have a "career", and simply work because they have to, but not because they want to.

  6. Alot of the strong independent types are anything but and are miserable trying to find their unicorns. And your male friends are right, women don't know how to be feminine and think making money or having a career is on the level of attraction/ arousal. It's not. Relationships are ultimately a woman's goal

  7. Another point to make is that a man is not his job and equating a man's value with economic output is big mistake. it all boils down to attraction and arousal. Men look for nubility mostly and not post wall women

    1. lol Well at the extreme end you are talking about I do not think you will find a lot of feminine supermodel types aroused with men who do not have this "valuable economic output", anymore than you will find men with this valuable output and financial success that happy with women who are not feminine supermodels who arouse them.

  8. From my observations when girls were told they could do anything they took that to mean "have everything". Not true, something's got to give. My friends who have married sons bemoan the fact their sons now do everything in the home, their women seem to think equality means doing nothing around home "because I'm holding down a career" conveniently forgetting their partners are too. Equality for women is important but the pendulem has swung too far and all the lovely, gentle, nurturing aspects of femininity are being lost and the wonderful strength, courage and unique skills of men are being undermined. It's sad.

    1. Yes it is the mother's job to have her son run around for her not the daughter in law!

    2. lol Well at the extreme end you are talking about I do not think you will find a lot of feminine supermodel types aroused with men who do not have this "valuable economic output", anymore than you will find men with this valuable output and financial success that happy with women who are not feminine supermodels who arouse them.

      it's no extreme end though. men can and do have value outside of their economic output and women can and do select for that. the economic output was an advantage in past times but now with mostly automation and women bringing home the bacon it isn't as important. arousal has little do with how much money you make as a man


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