Can We Not Let More Saffas Into New Zealand?

For those of us Cricket tragics today was an incredible day.

The West Indies are a very good T20 side.  They are the current T20 World Champions.  Even sans Car....los Braith.......waite.

Today our boys (inspite of Tim Southee not because of him) gave them another hiding.  But more importantly we have found two new great white hopes in Glenn Phillips and Devon Conway.

These boys hit it off any scale.

Both born in South Africa.  Both fucking incredible. Grant Elliott started this trend and won himself cult status launching the best shot ever at Eden Park to stick us into the World Cup Final.  I am sure I will remember that moment til the day I die from the stands.  I do not wish to remember anything at the G a week later.

Phillips is so dedicated to winning that with two balls to go in our innings he dislocated his knee (again) yelping in magony (male agony)  that made me wish to vomit from afar. His performance today was worthy of a Dan Carter v Lions it was that complete. A Richie McCaw on a broken foot.

Can the All Blacks not be shown the Phillips moment  on loop once an hour as they sit shortly in MIQ? Phillips did not perform for himself. 

He did so because he did not wish to save his average with a not out.  

He did so because he knew he did not want geriatric declining Ross Taylor, coming out with a ball left.

He got out.

He rolled the strike over.  Yet still Ross Taylor was sent out at the non-strikers end as a runner.  Was Neesham in the toilet doing number 3's?

It was a majestic moment in New Zealand cricket for it was the ultimate piss take. Taylor is the undisputed, undefeated worst runner in New Zealand cricket history. Geoff Howarth after an afternoon on the piss was a better runner.  The blackmailed Sir Ron Brierley could shuffle across his garage away from David Fisher faster.

Yet we still won. And we won because of our South African immigration policy. Phillips was all over the field as was Conway. Catching and a run out worthy of a Jonty Rhodes highlight reel.  The lads were spectacular.

Here is the thing. 

Right now there are  zillions of Indians in an immigration queue to enter New Zealand on all sorts of dodgy pretexts based on fake marriages of lesser duration than any relationship even I have had.  Seriously.

We have never had real world class Indian immigrants any good at Cricket?

Can we not let a few in first who can say replace Guptill, Taylor and say Southee?

These are real essential workers.

Else let us have a looksie while New Zealand has a closed border at some more Saffers!!!


  1. While I do agree about Rosco, I think you may have forgotten Mr Parore with his classic calls of YES NO WAIT SORRY

  2. Replies
    1. lol, he was born in Kenya, moved to England when a kid.

    2. Technically....but he's not an African immigrant


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