Chris Luxon And Anne Salmond.....Can We Stop Here Nats!!!

I know it is National Party Conference weekend.

It is an important weekend.

We have all been told on thee centre right that "Chris Luxon" is our new white hope.

I could buy this until today.  I was happy if he could lead the centre right to victory then let the boy roll Crusher.

Words fail me "Chris".

I can ignore the religious crappy trappy.  I do not care about fairies at the bottom of anyones garden.

I can never forgive you not only being a "friend" but her being a "mentor" of yourself.


I would rather have Friday Happy Hours in a bar in Kingsland with Helen Fucking Clark.

More to come but I know right now National party peeps are circulating with this guy at their conference.


How embarrassing and weak is it to admit as an adult you even have a mentor let alone Anne Salmond. I am lost for words.


Click on this link for more from Luxon's "friend and mentor". She really makes Cindy look like Milton Friedman.

All I can say is ask him why he is so in love with one of the worst pinko word-soup practitioners in modern history?  Go find him and ask him.

What kind of man says he even has a mentor? Seriously.

I have taken a few days leave to work out precisely what the f*** she means by this...then "Chris" pipes up like a Tory Hory and claims some sort of love for a left of pinko.

I shall have a follow up post shortly but please dear lord National, can we find a greater white hope than this knee scraping halfwit? I am shocked.

There was a left wing wet dream moment in the Air NZ handover when I was on the same flight Auckland to Hong Kong in business class with R. Fyfe, C.Luxon and moi. I enjoyed ones moments back in row 7 getting R.Fyfe to place the case to put the overhead in the bin, Luxon remained clueless and prone  It could have crashed and killed one person from the right, nothing  from the left.

Yes. Me.

"Chris" needs to be treated accordingly at the conference and asked why? Oh why? Why give us so much hope only to hug a pinko?

All I can say is David Seymour warm up the seat.........


  1. She catches my attention periodically. Hopefully Luxon refers to her in her capacity as a historian. When she blunders into the political arena I find her offensive. But there we are. There is no right to not be offended.

  2. I followed your link: what a confused melange. She is seriously confused about the enlightenment! Te Ao Maori vs the Anglo-Scots enlightenment: which gave us/built on individual rights, the rule of law, scientific enquiry, the invisible hand, the end of slavery?

    David Lenny

  3. Of course the centre right was told Mr Luxon was the next great white hope, it was the left wing media telling us so.

    I didn't believe it for a second, and anyone who did is a fool. His time at AIRNZ showed how wet & woke he is, he's better off being Labours next virtue signalling dictator rather than anything for National.

  4. "Why give us so much hope only to hug a pinko?"

    What he is saying is - see there is not an ounce of misogyny in me in choosing a woman as a mentor.
    - see I can work across all political divides, pinko's are more than welcome.

    Let's face it how much political capital would he gain if he were to say that he had a conservative male mentor, or that parts of Ms. Salmond's writing is incomprehensible.

    He reflects the current crop of Nats : If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.


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