Are Poto's Po Po Letting Gangs Operate At The Viaduct?

The sort of news you do not need with the Americas Cup and end of year boozefests about to commence.

Police have described the shooting, which took place at Dr Rudi's bar in the Viaduct in the early hours of Sunday, December 6, as a domestic incident.  "[The man] was there with his side-missus and then his main baby mamma caught wind of it and came down and absolutely lost the plot and this all evolved," one source told the Herald.  "So the security made him and her leave, they kicked them both out and then within the space of less than three minutes the glass ceiling was [shot] over the escalator there and they just gapped it."

Right because every angry lady with no gang connections whatsoever carries a gun to a bar.

The Viaduct source also said "it was not the usual crowd down there" on the night of the shooting.  A separate source confirmed to the Herald that Hells Angels and Head Hunters gang members were in Dr Rudi's and witnessed the shooting but were not involved.

Right.....perhaps the "usual crowd" has changed a little?

The Head Hunters had held their annual boxing fight night that Saturday evening.

And the Hells Angels Auckland chapter had conducted its annual poker run earlier that day.  The poker run involves club members riding around to different pubs, collecting playing cards and winning prizes based off various games.

LOL. Great night out in town folks drinking around gang members anyone? 

Cashed up tattoo laden steroid popping men with blonde and brown Barbies carting their Louis Vuitton bags, Versace and thick non-pay day bling are all over Instagram pages of Viaduct bars currently.  

Not on their official pages of course but tagging themselves and their mates.  

Brand destruction you could not pay more to avoid for the general populous.  The poor promotion of the Viaduct Harbour must be having conniptions at the coppers.   The risk of getting a stray bullet on a night out is not something New Zealanders have ever had to contemplate but right now it appears you have a greater chance of that in Auckland than dying of Covid.

Geez Poto you think there is a link?  

Police Minister Poto Williams confirmed she has also been briefed about the level of Auckland gun crime. She is urging Auckland residents to stay calm and "look out for each other" as police work to quell the bloodshed.  In a letter to Williams last week - obtained by the Weekend Herald - Goff said he was worried about the impact of 501 deportees from Australia, the growth in gang activity and violent criminal offending.

No one cares when gun violence is limited to South Auckland.  The majority Maori and Pacific Island communities there could have solved that and gang issues years ago if they really wanted to.

But cross into the city lines and you have to ask who really is running the city now?

Queenstown is also another trouble spot.  

Maybe Poto can saddle up and visit all those nice, kind gangs and ask them to hand in their guns as the government did to law abiding New Zealanders when one lone random Australian came over to New Zealand and shot up a mosque?

New Zealand’s first Polynesian Police Minister is going to have to face up very quickly to middle-class wrath from the masses if northern parts of Auckland and Queenstown become stomping grounds for gangsters to openly socialise at and bring with them their BFG's, blunts, bitches, baby Mamma's and beans.


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