Stuff Find The Ultimate Victim Of 2020

Congratulations to Stuff for this award winning report from their "Local Democracy" reporter.

I file this under the: 

When your 2020 has been so damn great that you are "gutted" that you have been "burgled" by the "homicide" of "your" tree.

Seriously a 12 year old photographed over a stump where her placenta is buried.  I cannot cope with laughter of the insignificance this has to be in a year where we have all suffered the greatest affront to our personal liberties and freedoms in the history of mankind. All over the Chinese flu.

These people are bitching about a bloody tree.

Here is an idea - plant another.

It is a shame the Sandison's are clearly not of Maori heritage.

Stuff staff would have issued a grovelling meaningless apology to them as well.

Meanwhile this poor girl is going to be subjected to horrific bullying at school for the sake of clickbait on New Zealand's wokest news site. Stuff should apologise in advance for the years of counselling ahead.


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