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We All Know Who Will Be Playing Qassem In The Movie

The problem is that Hollywood liberals will cast the prick as a hero rather than what he really was.

Virtue Signalling 2020 Styles - The WAG and The MP Compete

I like Hannah Barrett, she's always surrounded by beautiful people, has thin fabulous friends while always virtue signalling "body positivity" for other women she is never photographed near and is of course the wife of Beauden.  Every day it seems she wakes up and thinks first of her brand. This is from her instagram story early morning. I also like that she does not let her sadness at social issues and feeling 'devastated" and "helpless" get in the way of her enjoyment to sink happy hour piss with her mates in Thailand with Beauden while he is on sabbatical.  Proper. This brings me to the Australian fires, which are terrible I just put that out there.  However they have been happening for as long as I can remember and every Australian I speak to in Sydney and around parts who has a practical, manual job or has common sense (in other words is n