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Our Poor Refugee MP - GG Hits Out At The Pulping Of A Man Her Family Fled From

I have waited a tolerant 24 hours before referring to Golriz Ghahraman's twitter for the anti-American garbage she is about to launch. I was not disappointed. And the left are worried about an alleged Chinese spy in the National Party...... I will leave it to you to decide what side GG is on, as it will not be New Zealand's or with its Allies should war break out properly on the dark forces in Iran.  Retweeting potshots at our Allies like the good pretty little traitor she is. Oh dear "right wingers" will be unfollowed by Jack McDonald.  Shit that will learn them Jacko! I have politically active Jewish liberal friends saying that we should preach love to Iran.  Yes, like politically active Iranians will be to Israel right now. GG has painful memories of the Iran/Iraq war. I doubt that at all. She was nowhere near it.  She was as close to the Iran/Iraq war as I was to the Tangiwai Disaster. Didn't she and her fam

You Are Not That Important If You Have Not Met A Chinese "Spy"

Seriously?  China 101. ANYONE connected to Mainland Chinese politics that you meet in business and through trade connections is likely at some level to meet the Western definition of a spy. To have Martyn Bradbury, a man, how shall we say it, "on the closer side to supporting Communism than Capitalism anyway", get his undies in a knot about this is, well it is very very funny. If Jacinda Ardern was open and honest with her diary over the years I could guarantee with some retrospective due diligence she has met Chinese people who have such links.  They would have lined her up years ago as a future leader and have many embarrassing photos of her standing next to their operatives. I wrote earlier last year about Andrew Little being wise to use a burner phone while in the Mainland. I had a full series on Huawei and their ability to spy on our MP's ad journalists. Winston Peters? Well during his time in MFAT there is absolutely zero