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John Key's Ex-Staffer Caught Being A Holiday Tightwad

I don't know Lesley Hamilton, never met or dealt with her in my life, but while I am of course empathetic with her issues flying recently between Auckland and the (cough) Gold Coast, like most employees working in John Key's office their execution is always a I think I would have a superb battle with Charles Chauvel as to whom is the least tolerant of children on flights, and life in general.  I am proud of the intolerance as it means I notice them around me which on several occasions has saved a few from mortal injuries (hands in sliding doors, cars, potholes) when their parents were not paying attention.  My relative anonymity in life has ensured I have avoided being plastered through the media for many, many, similar incidents where I have chucked a Chauvel and told children off directly myself in airport lounges for their ridiculous behaviour when their adoring parents brushed it all off as normal. I do have some ethics however when it comes t