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Put A Zippy In It - Dogs Are Not Humans

A pretentious Auckland tosser is complaining that his precious not-so-little mutt is not allowed to dine at the restaurant institution that is Prego. Gary Langsford is the stereotypical Aucklander that the rest of the country loves to hate. For a starter "Zippy" is not that little. He wrote on Facebook: "A beautiful Auckland summer's evening and what better than to sit outside with your favourite pooch at a restaurant and enjoy a meal and a glass of wine. It's fine at the Ponsonby Bistro, or Apero or SPQR but not at Prego. Yes and they are all places that have seats outside on the pavement, I doubt the proprietors would allow the dogs inside.  Prego has an enclosed courtyard.  It is not that big or open.  There is a side area that faces the carpark however I am betting the sensible staff at Prego are sick and tired of tripping over stray mutts and leads. It is marginal at times with children in the premises let alone all the pissed up patrons

The All Black Truth Comes Out

Now it all makes sense.  The All Blacks have a touch of the Prince Harry's. Until this rift is sorted the All Blacks will not get back to the best team in the world.   Quite easy to see what has happened here, Steve Hansen upset a lot of the brown boys by talking the truth about Akira Ioane and Rieko and co took it all personally and got the sulks.    Rieko went from being one of the in form players in the team to a giant lemon within a matter of weeks. This posted on his instagram by head of the Woke Blacks,  TJ Perenara from Rieko's instagram. Thing is the media do get blowback about their rugby writings, just read the comments online! The All Black Woke Vulnerability Group snowflakes can't handle a bit of criticism for their poor performances. Ian Foster has a rather large job to do. Let us see if the sports media in New Zealand report this or rather like the dirty, fithy Black Caps support team member - gives us the bought and sold out vers