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Winston’s Waitangi Blow Out

Winston Peters surely must have been taking the piss when he accused Simon Bridges of politicising Waitangi Day. Hello. Mr Winston Raymond Plastic-Maori-Peters arise.  Every politician at Waitangi is politicising it. Every single one. From time began. I made a joke on Facebook that no one goes to Waitangi for the hangi. Then I see reports of the Shane Jones BBQ this year and notable righter wing folk at it. The sort that loudly claim in “our” company Jones is a fraud/corrupt/fucking idiot/cock muppet/ need we go on. They are only there for the food and probably their own trough at the PGF. They’re despicable disgusting political traitors. Anyone at the BBQ who wishes to rat out the other “competitors” at it please list them in the comments to be published here.  The Project tonight ran a story with born again Prince of The Woke and Gush Paddy Gower running a story there’s more to Waitangi than the politicians. That’s nice. I hope so. I’m glad that good an