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Co-Wankers Of The Week - Andre Reynaud & Chloe Swarbrick & Anna Mowbray

A French Australian is one of the co-wankers of the week (so far). If it wasn't bad enough an Australian gunned down New Zealanders a year ago in an act of terrorism and French operatives blew up the Rainbow Warrior on New Zealand soil, the best of both worlds combined to be the first that Cannot Understand Normal Thinking in this Coronavirus hysteria, pre travel ban. Townsville dance teacher Andre Reynaud was tested by Queensland Health after returning from a trip to France, but flew to New Zealand before receiving results of the test. Given those of us who frequently fly are now the new leppers, any professional would never do such a thing.  You change your ticket and stay til you get the results otherwise what the hell was the point? Reynaud is a complete amateur and I do not wish him well in his recovery.  He put many people in danger of contracting the sniffles.  He is however a dance teacher.  Life I guess cannot be such worse for him now he has been oute

The Prime Minister Starts Out Crisis Management 101 With A Bald Faced Lie - UPDATE

More to come on this but announcing a policy as the "widest ranging and toughest border restrictions of any country in the world" is a complete lie. As usual the true believers have not read beyond the headline and are applauding this policy that once you read and think about it is absolutely ridiculous. "Alongside Israel and a small number of pacific islands who have effectively closed their borders this decision will mean New Zealand will have the widest ranging and toughest border restrictions of any country in the world," Ardern said. Wrong. Lies. Denmark, Cyprus, India...completely shut the borders.......need we google 1. Why exempt Pacific Islanders?  You know, when you cancelled their Pasifika Festival BEFORE the Christchurch Mosque Shooting Cryfest? 2. What is "travelling from the Pacific Islands"? Could you travel via a Pacific Island to New Zealand and get in without a self-isolation? 3. Killing the Cruise ship