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Economic Destruction Continues - Doctors and Coronavirus Coalition At Odds

You are not getting out of this scientific, medical and economic experiment from hell in New Zealand until the powers that be are happy that there is no community transmission. In other words they are making it up as they go along.   They'll probably be more barriers once you meet that one.  You know, just to be super extra safe.....  How do we know that? There has to be apparently 5,000 tests a day to know that there is no community transmission. The country's testing capacity is 3700 tests per day, with an average of 1843 tests per day being conducted over the last week. There are eight labs testing. This will extend to ten next week, increasing capacity. How many are you doing in New Zealand? Why the low number?  Well......... GP's haven't been doing enough testing.  According to Jacinda Ardern, supreme head of the Coronavirus Coalition However that is not what the Doctors are saying, they are claiming there are not enough test sw