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It Is Not MFAT's Job To Get You Home

I despair and I thought I would have to at some point write this post. The sob stories of kiddies and “intrepid travellers” "stuck" in far flung places on their OE's are flowing thick and fast. To any long-time New Zealand expat we know the extent that MFAT can help you.  They really cannot.  If you contact them they'll arrange a lawyer that you can google anyway, if you are in hospital possibly come and make sure you are not dead then call Mummy and Daddy, get you in touch with Mummy and Daddy so they can Western Union you some money, and possibly provide you shelter if you are stuck in a place where a civil war breaks out.  Their basic advice is where they do not have an Embassy and you can leave in a bad situation, pay the fee and get the f** out. Any other situation than a sudden civil war with your life in danger - you are on your own and do what local authorities tell you under their rule of law. Every country around the world currently has it

Foot In Mouth Disease Another That Is Still Not Eradicated

Janine Starks is a financial commentator with expertise in banking, personal finance and funds management. Opinions in this column represent her personal views.  They are general in nature and are not a recommendation, opinion or guidance to any individuals in relation to acquiring or disposing of a financial product.  Readers should not rely on these opinions and should always seek specific independent financial advice appropriate to their own individual circumstances. Someone is in for a world of pain after compiling a snarky, bitchy rant at Sir Bob Jones.    The rant was something you would expect from a salty Green Party voter.  It is definitely not that of someone with expertise in "banking, personal finance and funds management" Starks writes; What's the chance Bob Jones and his commercial tenants will negotiate a stationery voucher in lieu of a rent-free or corona-discount period? Given the business-to-business nature of that negotiation and Bob&#

What The Hell Is Going On In The New Zealand Judiciary?

First it was accepting debate that the law could be a "vibe" by the Supreme Court on the basis of a brain fart by a newly appointed Supreme Court Justice. This generated some heated discussions across the bench, as Justices debated whether that would open the floodgates for too many cases to be brought forward, and asked for someone to find some statistics.  The case was adjourned for five weeks to allow both sides to bring submissions addressing the issue of tikanga, and will continue in the new year.   Now we have Chief High Court Judge, Justice Venning stepping down to return to "full time judging".  Says and does no Judge ever.  Something definitely is not right and good in Gotham here on the sniff test. Chief Justice Helen Winkelmann said Justice Venning's leadership and administrative abilities had defined his five years of service, during which he decided some of the country's most important and challenging cases. If that i