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Covid-19 And The Hidden Tax Residency Trap For Expat Kiwis and Aussies (And Visitors)

Remember this in March: When I suspect people are lying to me about their true tax residency I ask a very simple question - "Where is your most expensive car?".  It is a fair indication of where they really live and probably are liable to be taxed. Now thanks to the past month there is another test that is a far more accurate measure: "During Covid-19 - where did you isolate?" Because for revenue departments around the world this surely most now be the best permanent place of abode test available if they have this as part of their test of tax residency.  Here are the New Zealand and Australian tests. Thousands of New Zealand and Australian expats up-sticks and took their families "home" to "relative safety" of their nations of birth.  Personally I found the rush back unseemly when you have not lived in New Zealand for years.  Many part-time New Zealanders from America, China and the UK did the same and jumped on in