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The National Party Already Have Their 2020 Campaign Advertisements

Our dear friend Martyn "Bomber" Bradbury has given the National Party all the campaign tools they need with this excellent post outlining the most politically unsaleable far-left agenda imaginable. This one from Lynn Prentice wants us to believe that the country will never be free as there will never be a vaccine and therefore be locked forever in a bubble in New Zealand. Now all we need is for the National Party creatives to turn it into a campaign advertisement series.... Look, I’ll even draw up an agenda so you can’t fuck it up.  Agenda: NZ economy until a vaccine is ready  Mass State Housing Rebuild – The only way to force slumlord landlords to upgrade their slums is remove the desperation of the market. 30 000 new state houses would do that and create mass jobs while upgrading the entire housing stock.  Mass mixed forest replanting – we need this for climate change and mixed tree planting would create huge new jobs.  Ministry of Works – It’s time to