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The Cracks In The Coronavirus Coalition

As predicted, Winston Peters was always going to set his own course in the timing of letting you all out of the vegetative state that you have been placed in. Today he earned these headlines. Winston Peters is not a dumb man, quite the opposite.   He realises that Jacinda Ardern and the rest of the Coronavirus Coalition are on a hiding to nothing this week in making the much awaited "decision".  He is willing to upset his elderly supporters to do so as he can spin anything to his advantage at a later date. In any instance, who said that the elderly like being locked up all day? On their own, or living with relatives or in rest homes? Without the benefit we all do of being computer literate enough to be online?  Winston Peters gets this.  Many are in their twilight years and wish to enjoy the last bit of freedom they may have before the inevitable anyway.  They miss their friends, their card games, the gardening, a walk with a stroller. "In other words