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The Reality Of Your Everyday Living Bites With Covid-19 - A Push For Inflation

In a piece that the luvvie hospitality industry online are going goo-goo over, Sophie Gilmour has just put it out there that the New Zealand hospitality industry post-Covid isolation need to - wait for it: Put up prices! I trust the industry colleagues are all hitting "like" hoping she bravely goes first and they can snigger at the reaction of their regulars who are  currently adoring. This is because they have illusions that they will all have the same disposable incomes and jobs to go back to work on. Everyone is making an effort to "be kind" in the bubble. My proposed solution? We need to reopen the profit margin that we have allowed to close by putting our menu prices up now .  If Jacinda’s team of five million can stamp out coronavirus, then I’m confident the hospitality industry can reclaim its margin together. We have more than 100,000 food outlets in New Zealand, and with sustainable margins, it’s a big contributor to our economy.  Let’s reins