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No Guarantee of Level 2 - How about Ashley Bloomfield You Just F*** Right Off? Gangs Say So.

I am not in New Zealand right now but everyone in the world is seeing this as a control experiment for the WHO and UN and every whining pussy state in the world who sees death as an option. I am for once in my life proud of NZ gangs who are breaching these bullshit restrictions, people who want desperately to return to the lives they formerly thought they had.  We all know you are smart enough to control the checkpoints through Hone Harawira, let drug dealers pass through and normal chains of supply happen. I am proud of Maori who have taken the piss out of silly rules to tell them not to go out of their bubbles (child language) to risk "spreading the virus".  Maori have stood up and actually said a giant F you. They are under-represented as an indigenous population in death and infect statistics. Why? This is the great why?  I will tell you why. New Zealand never had a great threat of infection and death in the first place. If anyone was going to die we a