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Bubbles of 1,000 People - Maori Admit They've Been Gaming The Covid-19 System

This afternoon on Magic Talk, Sean Plunket had on as a guest some giggling fool from Opotiki under the guise of representing   Te Whanau a Apanui. He made the stunning admission that you know, because New Zealand and Australia are talking about creating a trans-tasman bubble, it was ok everyone he knew was in the same bubble and the number I think he quoted was 1,100. A bubble of 1,100!! While you have all been following the rules, only seeing close people under level 4 living with you, then slightly extending your bubble by one under level 3, as friends and relatives have been dying and giving birth around you,  Maori at the rough end of the heap got in there and made their bubbles as large as they could and taken the piss out of the whole exercise. Te Whānau a Apanui hasn't seen a single case of Covid-19 within its tribal boundary. "We've been really, really happy with our efforts here and the response by the iwi, and I think many iwi and many commu