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NZ Has Already Cancelled Christmas, In May

Good lord it is only May and New Zealanders are dying in a ditch for Christmas over the non-existent threat of Covid-19. This is absolutely ridiculous.  There is a larger chance of winning a Lotto prize on Wednesday than there is currently of contracting Covid-19 in New Zealand.  The country desperately needs to drink a cold cup of harden the f*** up. I have never been to the event and would rather gnaw off my own arm than attend, but if there is anything more iconic to show the country has rolled over and surrendered, then cancelling an event six months out is pathetic.  It is far more importantly a sign of the caution to come. A statement by the organisers blames the "uncertainty of how major events will be treated in New Zealand" for the cancellation, as, despite happening in December, the event takes months to put together. "Given the immense amount of planning and work involved in Coca-Cola Christmas in the Park, we've had to make the sad decis