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Americas Cup About To Be Stolen Again - This Time It Is NZ's Fault

An unbelievable situation is brewing in the yachting world, Helen Keller can even see the outcome of this. A power play is currently on by yachting teams to not just delay, but steal the Americas Cup from New Zealand.  Once again it is the dirty Yanks leading the charge to the lobby and courtroom.  The Yanks have not got a chance of winning on the water as they have the largest hex in the sport in New Zealand's secret weapon Dean Barker on their team.  Their only chance of winning is with their lawyers. In the history of the competition this has happened before.  This time however it is entirely New Zealand's and the Coronavirus Coalitions fault if they let it happen. Will the Coronavirus Coalition manage to do the impossible and lose New Zealand the cup before it even starts? " Dalts [Grant Dalton] and his team [at Team New Zealand] have consistently said, ‘we want to hold the cup on schedule’. The New Zealand Government have been quite silent on that whi