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One Law For Crap Hollywood Movies - One Law For Everyone Else

As I detailed yesterday, the Americas Cup incoming crews are delayed waiting for answers. Robbo has stepped in and made an extraordinary admission that the incompetence of his Coronavirus Coalition could hurt the Cup. Economic Development Minister Phil Twyford admitted that there was uncertainty over how the pandemic will affect the Cup, but said the Government is "highly motivated" to see it go ahead. "At this stage it is hard to know the extent to which Covid-19 will affect the 36th America's Cup in Auckland, however there is likely to be some impact," Twyford said. It is quite easy you muppet. It should not.  You are in charge to make sure it has NO impact. Robertson said the Government is working on providing more information to teams. "Obviously they [the teams] want to be in here in the next couple of months. We need to be able to at least give them a response before that time.  No you should be able to give them a full response NOW.  That