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Killer Virus Hits Pause To Riot and Loot - Somehow China Is The Enemy

So concerned about Covid-19 they are they then go burn up the place. Cool.  At least Donal Trump now has America back open again. American libtards are supporting black activists burning up a city breaching social distancing rules as they huddle in fear on their Covid Couches.  They are also aghast that Mainland China is supporting the democratically elected Hong Kong legislature passing a law that allows them to capture the same sort of rioters and terrorists now burning up America? The face palming is large on this.  None of this fits into the narrative of white oppression does it? Apparently Mainland China cannot encourage the Hong Kong legislature to pass a security law to stop the sort of things that are punishable in every five eyes country (NZ, Australia, Canada, UK and USA) currently like treason, terrorism, acting against the State. Remember the Hong Kong legislature has to pass this law.  The Mainland is not doing it. Has anyone actually

NRL and Australia Take A Covid Bow

League is not my favourite sport by a long stretch.  However it has re-emerged from the pussy ashes of Covid-19 and has the distinction of the first large sporting endeavour internationally to restart. Sure it has sound fx for its crowd (that are great) but after the demoralising last live sports experience that was my utter disgust being in Sydney for the last great sports event,  the Black Caps playing Australia at the SCG, that I was told I could not attend, this is progress. I still remember that day and will forever. I went to F45 in the morning, I walked by Chloe Swarbrick and some Aussie Green Party bad hair weirdo outside the Australian Federal Police building on my way home, had a shower to cleanse me both from the F45 and walking by Swarbrick, got changed, then found out the news I could not go to the Cricket. I could not do what? I needed immediate retail therapy. I bought a pair of shoes and Lululemon  workout get up. The only person in Sydney at