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Why Isn't NZ Creating A Travel Bubble With China First Instead of Australia?

Australia still has Covid-19.  Well parts of Australia do, all the parts New Zealanders would ever wish to travel - Sydney, Melbourne and Queensland (they do not really but they won't even let in other Australians for the foreseeable future). As I discussed the other day, Mainland China per head of population and even recent raw numbers, has less Covid-19 than Australia. - They are New Zealand's largest trading partner. - We have a Free Trade Agreement with them and special status. - They are New Zealand's second largest spending tourist market and added to Australia, the largest market, could instantly almost save it along with large sections of hospitality. - They have already gone through Covid-19, having "first mover advantage". It should be very easy to travel bubble with China. They are already looking at Singapore and South Korea. So why is New Zealand not? Either: a) you believe their statistics and Covid-19 h