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Aotearoa - The Land Of The Long Flaccid Ure

The least offensive picture of ure that the author could find with the background here So New Zealand is now at level 1, the PM has danced with her little Neve, you are all free.  Only you are not. New Zealand has never been less free in my lifetime, and that includes the entire period of Muldoonism. New Zealand is now a country of 5 million people where without 14 days in confinement on return, the residents cannot travel anywhere outside the borders. Winston Peters can talk about it all he wants but the Transtasman bubble to any State a New Zealander wishes to travel is a very long Covid moment in time away.  Bubbles to the Pacific Islands are hardly going to be of relative benefit to New Zealand as money will flow out of the New Zealand tourism sector, and as discussed the other day - about the only thing that could lose Jacinda Ardern an election is a bubble with a country that today just had 2 cases, in China. New Zealanders have firmly shifted mindset in