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Triple Dipping Iwi - New Zealand Tourism's $400m Dump then Demand A Pump Scam

“Hey Kelvin, I’m not even your beached strategic tourism asset bro” STAPP (Strategic Tourism Asset Protection Programme) is a new trough in the $400m Tourism slush pond. Part of which is to keep "Strategic Assets Protected" after the affects of Covid-19.  The rest I can describe as subsidies to Instagrammers, colouring-in marketing departments and advertising agencies to sell New Zealand to well New Zealanders who have nowhere else to travel to! As with anything, there are rules and qualifications published to justify handing out dollops of cash that are entirely pre-determined, so let us have a look at them using the recent case study of Whale Watch Kaikoura who were given $1.5m.   They already look as dodgy as the Covid alert level materials. Here is the press release claiming the venture is now protected .  From what is my first question?  Where was it going to go? The whales will still be there surely?  And a bit of a rest from being perved at has probably do