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Go Woke - Go Broke - Stupidest Boycott in NZ Bill Foley

I don't know Bill Foley. I do not drink his wine.  Only because I do not drink wine.  I would have to out of principle go buy some if I did.  He is a rockstar. I do know that nothing I do drink that I do like would make me boycott the brand.     The following would have to do a hell of a lot before I stopped consuming them: Ruinart (my favourite on any menu) Jacquesson  Billecart Salmon And little ones with tidy Blanc de Blancs I have taken quite a shine to lately due to Covid supply issues: Pierre Gimmonet  Larmandier Bernier I was thinking it would be have to be something as bad as putting out a tweet supporting Jacinda Ardern.  Nah not even that, or donating to Obama or Hillary? Nah.  I would still quietly swallow and enjoy.   It is not like Nike who paid some twat who cannot make a team as he was not good enough, to bend down on his knee like a sissy or subservient woman to support a marxist political cause.  That I did boycott years bef