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The Costs Of Elimination - No Bubble No Xmas Home In Islands or Australia

via GIPHY No you are not going "home" and back.  Cancel your trips for Christmas NOW. How clearer do Labour have to make this - oh yes Jacinda Ardern does not deliver bad news.  But she has cancelled ALL your Christmas holidays back to the Islands and Australia to see the family. This is a cost of the much danced about "elimination" strategy for Covid.  Now all you can do is wait and wait for a vaccine to free you. None of this should have anything to do with the COST of quarantine, there will not be enough slots for people TO quarantine.  Until the government (and with it the "team of 5 million") accept some Covid-19 in New Zealand and allow the use of home detention and ankle bracelet tech, this is your life. First up - an Aussie journalist with permanent residency in New Zealand on the whinge that she is "stuck" in New Zealand.  No you are not.  You can go back to Australia anytime.  There are people genuinely "stu

Solo Parents Are Dreaming - You Ain't Seeing Your Overseas Kids In Your Bubble

With New Zealand's Covid-19 strategy of elimination over "flattening the curve", there was always a danger that after the "watermelon sugar" high of the nation wore off - cold hard reality is about to set in. Harry Styles with watermelon at an overseas location none of you will see anytime soon The Government cannot have ANY of you travelling overseas. They do not WANT you to travel overseas. They have not done what Australia has done and totally banned you all, but so far it is as good as with a) the need to quarantine 14 days and more importantly b) there are not many countries in the world still open for you to actually go! The Transtasman bubble looks a world away.  There is no will from the Australian people to have perfect Covid-19 stats and New Zealanders are too chicken shit to accept a bubble with them now anyway. I doubt very much it will happen at all now.  Again, I think the coalition government are far happier you are stuck